LPN-RN Clinical Course Materials

Please look for the specific course in which you are proctoring students.

You will find a list of the course outcomes and clinical expectations for the course. If at any time you have any questions about your preceptor role, the role of the student, or any concerns regarding the student and their behavior - please do not hesitate to contact the course faculty or the program director.

Review the Clinical Evaluation Tools. After completion of the clinical hours with the student, please complete the student clinical evaluation forms and submit to the program coordinator. Your feedback is vital to a true evaluation of the learning experience for the student.



Course - Psychiatric/Mental Health - Nursing 206

Course Description and Course Outcomes

Clinical Expectations


Course - Women's Health and Pediatrics - Nursing 205

Course Description and Course Outcomes OB Peds

Clinical Expectations Overview

Clinical Objectives OB Acute Care

Clinical Objectives PEDS Acute Care


Course - Advanced Medical-Surgical/Leadership - Nursing 215

Course Description and Course Outcomes

Clinical Expectations - Overview

Clinical Objectives for Acute Care and Clinical Leadership  (these objectives involve direct patient care)

Clinical Objectives for Leadership - Shadowing a Nurse Manager  (these objectives do NOT involve direct patient care)



Evaluation Tools

The same evaluation tools are used in every course. Preceptors and faculty perform evaluations of students completing clinical hours using the criteria below. 

Critical Behaviors - Please Review. The critical behaviors contain 7 categories with expectations listed in each category that the student must be able to Satisfactorily complete/exhibit. The behaviors begin in fundamentals "with guidance" and as the student progresses more and more independence is expected. The chart shows the comparison between each level of our program and the progression of expectations. The final evaluation you will be asked to submit from your perspective after working with the student will be based on these critical behaviors.

  • Clinical Nursing Courses: Psychiatric/Mental Health = #206
  • Women's Health and Pediatrics = #205
  • Advanced Medical - Surgical = #215


Refer to the Evaluation Forms section below for guidelines on completing preceptor evaluations. Please review with the student and have them sign the evaluation before returning it back to us for their files.

Please fax the completed evaluation to 301-784-5639 or email to twoy@allegany.edu by the following deadlines:

Spring Semester

  • Mental Health Course - submit by February 22.
  • Women's Health/Pediatrics - submit by May 1.
  • Advanced Med/Surg - submit by May 1.
  • Leadership - submit by May 1.


Summer Semester

  • Mental Health Course - submit by June 20.
  • Women's Health/Pediatrics Course - submit by August 1.
  • Advanced Med/Surg - submit by August 1.
  • Leadership - submit by August 1.


Fall Semester

  • Mental Health Course - submit by September 25.
  • Women's Health/Pediatrics - submit by December 1.
  • Advanced Med/Surg - submit by December 1.
  • Leadership - submit by December 1.

If you have any questions, please contact Theresa Woy at 301-784-5561 or twoy@allegany.edu


Evaluation Forms

Preceptors please complete the clinical evaluations for the student(s) you precepted as indicated below:

Student Clinical Care Experience Evaluation Form - ALL preceptors for students in acute care, clinics, and outpatient experiences are asked to submit this evaluation. Please fax to 301-784-5639301-784-5639 or email to lpnrn@allegany.edu


Student Final Clinical Evaluation -Critical Behaviors - Preceptors who have worked with a student to complete 24 hours or more of clinical time, please complete this summative evaluation - in addition to the above summary, for the student at the end of their clinical hours for the course you precepted. The form is to be completed based on the critical behaviors posted above, and are specific to the clinical course.

1. After reviewing the critical behaviors posted above, please print this form and check the appropriate column in each category if the student achieved those critical behaviors.

2. If the student did NOT satisfactorily meet the criteria, please Circle the critical behavior NOT met, and write a brief summary explaining how the student did not meet the criteria. Your feedback and comments are taken seriously as part of the evaluation of the student.

3. Please feel free to also add comments regarding the students clinical performance under the "comments" section. Please have the STUDENT SIGN the evaluation before submitting to the Nursing Dept.

4. Faculty will review the evaluation with the student in all cases.


LEADERSHIP EXPERIENCE FOR Advanced Med-Surg (215). - Preceptors who completed direct patient care clinical hours with a student for their Leadership Experiences in the Advanced Med-Surg course please submit the Student Leadership Evaluation form in addition to a Clinical Care Experience Evaluation and a Final Clinical Evaluation = Critical Behaviors if indicated according to the criteria listed.



Other Information:

Skills Checklist - the student is to bring this checklist along with them to the clinical experience so that you may know what their prior experiences have been and what opportunities they may be looking for in regards to skills.

Concept Map - Sample- We are using concept maps to assist students in 'tying it all together'. Here is a sample concept map. Students are to compile the significant data from their patient(s) into a concept map and should be able to explain how things are related and affect one another.

Statement of Academic Integrity

Professional Interaction Guidelines



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