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Willowbrook Woods - Your home away from home.
Allegany College of Maryland takes pride in being one of the few community colleges that offer on-campus student housing. You can gain the full college experience at ACM by living at Willowbrook Woods on our Cumberland campus. Apartments at Willowbrook Woods are partially furnished, four-bedroom, two-bathroom with a full kitchen and common living area.
For more info e-mail or call
Location: COLLEGE CENTER (CC) 155
APPLICATION FEE (+$50 if late)
SECURITY DEPOSIT (due with housing contract)
FEES (includes wi-fi and washers/dryers)

What you need to do?
  • Apply and be accepted to Allegany College of Maryland
  • Submit completed housing application via mail, fax, or email and pay the non-refundable application fee
  • Verify your ability to pay via the Financial Requirements illustrated in the Housing Application.
  • Receive, sign and return housing contract with your security deposit.
  • Arrive on-campus to move-in!
What do we do?
  • Once students arrive we provide assistance, guidance, and support to students.
  • Residence Life staff members provide a liaison to residents to many departments across campus.
  • Professional staff members work and reside at Willowbrook Woods and help facilitate both communal and educational programming.
  • Resident Assistants are in each apartment building and provide peer-centered help to students, especially during evenings and weekends.

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Frequently Asked Questions
  • For timely processing of your application, please submit it no later than July 31st
  • All applications must have a guarantor
  • Housing fees can be paid with Financial Aid, but Tuition, Course Fees, and books will be paid first (see Willowbrook Woods application for details)
  • You can choose your roommates by listing them on your application
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Meet the Staff

Our experienced, knowledgeable staff are excited to share their expertise with you.

Mike Secreti
Area Coordinator

Willowbrook Woods - Clubhouse

MEd Merrimack College; BA Felician University



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