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A group of Allegany County residents got together when some began to envision possibilities for diversified adult education opportunities. Why not tap into the pool of talented local residents willing and capable of sharing their areas of expertise?

Join Allegany Center of Lifelong Learning (ALLCOLL) and enjoy access to 25 or more events held at Allegany College of Maryland, as well as weekly roundtable discussions, happy hour, and more! For an annual membership fee of $30.00, you will enjoy diverse education opportunities with other Allegany County adults. Membership covers classes and events from July 1, 2021 through June 30, 2022.

Please note: The following classes will be held on Thursdays in the Continuing Education building from 10:00AM to noon in room 14 unless otherwise indicated.


February 3 – Why the Y?

Speaker: Shelly Minnigh 
Description:  Join us as we learn and discuss the impact the YMCA has on our local community, including programs and services the Y offers.  If you think it’s just a gym and swim, you will be very surprised.

February 10 – George Washington in Western Maryland 

Speaker: Chris Logsdon
Description: This presentation recalls key events that explore the unique role of Western Maryland in the military and political careers of George Washington, America’s foremost founding father. 

February 17 – The Jane Gates Heritage House

Speaker: Sukh Gates
Description: Historical facts of Jane Gates’s life and home will be shared as well as the interesting role that soapwort played and how it was discovered in the garden of the Jane Gates House on Greene Street.

February 24 – Protecting Yourself From Cybercrime

Speaker: Dick Soderman
Description: Although there are many benefits to being "online", you take a risk when you connect a computer to the Internet. Fortunately, there are a number of simple things you can do to reduce your risk of being hacked.

March 3 – What Small Family Farms Are Doing to Survive and How You Can Help Them 

Speaker: Ben Yoder
Description: Ben Yoder, from Savage Mountain Farm, will share the story of his farm and how farmers are learning to go straight to the consumer in an effort to keep the tradition of family farming alive.

March 10 –From Bark to Boots: The History of Tanneries of Western Maryland

Speaker: Andrew Sparber 
Description: From the mid 1700s to the early 20th century there were a total of 26 Tanneries in Western Maryland. This lecture, based on extensive research, will focus on all of the possible related topics associated with the manufacturing of leather in our area. 

March 17 – The Origins of Rock and Roll: 1950s to the British Invasion 

Speaker: Brian Plitnik
Description: Born from a uniquely American cultural blend, the genre of Rock and Roll is a product of the 1950s. This lecture will explore early Rock up through the arrival of the Beatles, as Rock and Roll became an unstoppable international sensation. 

March 24 – The Glass Industry in Allegany County 

Speaker: Jay George
Description: A look at the once vibrant glass industry located in Allegany County, Maryland.  The discussion will focus on the history, major manufacturers and decorators, practices and techniques used. Examples of the products produced in the area will be available for viewing

March 31 – Healthcare: Advanced Planning 

Speaker: Andrea McCray and Melissa Harr-Kyle
Description: Medical Social Workers will identify ways to be proactive in enabling family and/or friends to make decisions based on the patient's wishes about medical treatments when the patient no longer has the capacity.

April 7 – Footer House

Speaker: Ted Bauer
Description: Thomas Footer created the Footer Dye works in Cumberland MD and that building has been restored and is now occupied.  This presentation will focus on Thomas Footer’s home on Decatur Street in Cumberland.

April 14  – Spring Break


April 21 – Brexit and Ireland 

Speaker: Chuck Dicken
Description: Description: Brexit: The Irish Dimension: A discussion of how Brexit has been impacted by Ireland’s unique relationship to Great Britain and what its implementation may mean for both islands.

April 28 – Erikson’s Theory of Personality Development 

Speaker: Ruth Upton
Description: Bring a favorite picture of yourself at some time during your earlier life. We will identify which of Erikson’s Stages your picture portrays and how we can use our life lessons at each stage to enrich our lives today.

May 5 – The Design of Intentional Community – Senior Living Trends

Speaker: Jane Rohde
Description: Innovative models for senior living are emerging throughout the country and internationally, with many new housing developments embracing intergenerational living as a way for supporting the needs of both older and younger people. This presentation will describe trends in community and housing development that support health and wellness opportunities for all ages. 

May 12 – Fade to Blue

Speaker: Michael Thompson 
Description: Hundreds of alumni and former staff came back to Allegany High School on Sedgwick St. to participate in one final experience with the community landmark before it is razed. Learn how the “Fade To Blue” project went from a photography project to a creative historical preservation effort to be viewed in a gallery exhibition and fine art keepsake book. 



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