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A group of Allegany County residents got together when some began to envision possibilities for diversified adult education opportunities. Why not tap into the pool of talented local residents willing and capable of sharing their areas of expertise?

Join Allegany Center of Lifelong Learning (ALLCOLL) and enjoy access to 25 or more events held at Allegany College of Maryland, as well as weekly roundtable discussions, book discussions, and more! For an annual membership fee of $30.00, you will enjoy diverse education opportunities with other Allegany County adults. Membership covers classes and events from July 1 through June 30.

Please note: The following classes will be held on Thursdays in the Continuing Education building at 10:00AM in room 8 unless otherwise indicated.

Winter-Spring 2024

February 8 – Community Café, A Place of Plenty  

Speaker: Martha Macgill 
Description: A new concept for Cumberland – a pay-as-you-can restaurant that will serve lunch time meals in a welcoming environment. The Cafe, located in central Cumberland, is a partner in One World, Everybody Eats and will be the first of its kind in Maryland.

February 15 – Haydn, Mozart, and Beethoven:The Shifting Patronage of the Arts During the Classical Era

Speaker: Brian Plitnik  
Description: Three very well-known 18th century composers experienced three very different vocational paths. As well as examining the fascinating lives of these three composers, this session will explore the societal changes that gradually drove composers away from careers of aristocratic servitude. 

February 22 – What’s Happening in Allegany County

Speaker: Jason Bennett, Allegany County Administrator 
Description: Join County Administrator Jason Bennett to learn about current and future plans and goals for Allegany County.

February 29 – What’s New in Recycling

Speaker: Raquel Ketterman and Andrew Cowan
Description: Recycling for Everyone. Breaking down the rules and recommendations for recycling in Allegany County and/or the City of Cumberland; for the best recycling experience possible.

March 7 – Evergreen Heritage Center’s Education and Economic Impact in the Community   

Speaker: Janice Keene
Description:  The Evergreen Heritage Center Foundation is leveraging their 131-acre property to provide impactful, award-winning educational programs to over 12,000 students annually while also focusing on economic development through Heritage tourism. This includes three museums and a five-mile nature trail.

March 14 - The 40th Anniversary of WFWM Public Radio: Its History and Its Future

Speaker: Chuck Dicken  
Description: Station Director Chuck Dicken will discuss the history of WFWM, public radio from Frostburg State University. He will also talk about the role of public radio in the Western Maryland region.

March 21 – The Tourism Economy is Mountain Maryland

Speaker: Ashli Workman
Description: Tourism supports 3,600 jobs in Allegany County, MD, generating $168 million in visitor spending and $48 million in tourism tax revenues annually. Learn about our growing tourism industry and why tourism is the driving force behind quality of life.

March 28 – No Session, Spring Break


April 4 – Solving the Perfect Mystery

Speaker: Bob Kazary
Description: Bob and Sharon Kazary will discuss writing and publishing a mystery, including the elements needed to create a satisfying and rewarding mystery story.

April 11 – Delivering for America

Speaker: Sean O’Donnell, Postmaster  
Description: Learn about the United States Postal Service’s strategic plan to improve mail service, Delivering For America from Cumberland’s Postmaster. Also learn about the achievements that the Cumberland Post Office has gained.

April 18 – McNeill’s Rangers Raid on Cumberland

Speaker: Steve French  
Description: Author Steve French will speak about the February 21,1865 raid in which two Union generals were captured and taken to the Confederacy.

April 25 – Everything You Need to Know About the Upcoming 2024 Presidential Election Cycle

Speaker: Diane Loibel  
Description: Election 101 will explain when the elections will be held, what your options are for voting in 2024, what voting equipment is used and how Maryland’s elections are kept safe. Additional information will be presented about how you can volunteer as a voter registration volunteer or work the polls on Election Day.

May 2 – Mt. Maryland Search and Rescue

Speaker: Sierra Fairbanks
Description: Mountain Maryland Search & Rescue teams’ partner with local law enforcement and first responders to find missing and endangered people. Learn about their canine team and the work that they do.

May 9 – The Junior Chamber of Commerce in Maryland

Speaker: Courtney McKay Jensen
Learn about the Western Maryland Jaycees (Junior Chamber of Commerce) and their mission to empower young individuals, their commitment to community service and the exciting events that they host to create positive change in the area.


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