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37 Lane Avenue LaVale, MD 21502

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Western Maryland Works is a full-service makerspace, workforce development, and training facility that provides access to state of the art technology and equipment to help you make ideas into reality.


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Do you have an exciting business idea? Do you have a solid business plan, but just need some assistance in establishing your market presence? Do you already operate a small or home-based business, but would like to consider expanding your production or customer base? 

Western Maryland Works offers over 30,000 square feet of equipment, machines, maker technology, continuing education classrooms, computer and IT workstations, and meeting spaces to cultivate and encourage learning and workforce enrichment. 



Western Maryland Works is the home of ACM's Advanced Manufacturing Program including machining, robotics, additive manufacturing, industrial maintenance and welding programs. You can earn industry recognized certification in various programs while taking advantage of on-site technology.

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For questions about Western MD Works please contact:

Jennifer Light, Makerspace Project Manager

Dave Smarik, Coordinator, Engineering-Automated Manufacturing Technology and Makerspace

Western Maryland Works

37 Lane Avenue, LaVale, Maryland 21502, United States
(301) 876-9527

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