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College to Community Partnership Center

Building College to Community Partnerships
We build partnerships with community leaders to connect college students, faculty, and staff, with efforts to address unmet human needs in our local, state, national, and global communities. We facilitate community engagement events that include class activities, workshops and trainings, skill building curriculum, partnership connections, community strengthening, and dialogues which focus on empowering a thriving democracy.
Professor, Faculty Director, College to Community Partnership Center
Location: Humanities (H)48

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What do we do?
  • We track and measure engagement in the community - reporting form here.
  • We offer student volunteer opportunities with our community partners.
  • We promote and support community organizations to address unmet needs.
  • We help facilitate community engagement trainings & democracy skill building.
  • We promote and support diversity efforts at the college and in the community.
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What is Community Engagement?

At ACM community engagement is a reciprocal partnership between the college and a public or private sector organization, that: 1) enriches scholarship, 2) enhances curriculum, 3) prepares engaged citizens, 4) strengthens democratic values, 5) addresses critical societal issues, and/or 6) contributes to the public good.

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Meet the Staff

Our experienced, knowledgeable staff, are excited to share their expertise with you.

Dr. Diane S. McMahon
Professor, Sociology - Faculty Director, College to Community Partnership Center

Humanities 48

B.A. Carlow University
M.A. & M.P.I.A., University of Pittsburgh
PhD., Indiana University of Pennsylvania


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