Student Clubs

The Student Government Association (SGA) functions as the governing organization of the student body. It serves as a means of participation in College governance with the faculty, staff, and administration, and acts for the students.

In addition to serving as liaison between the College administration and the student body, SGA allocates student activity funds, coordinates campus social activities, and approves new campus student organizations.  The student activity program is developed according to student interest and available resources.

The Student Government Association meets weekly in the Unity Center, College Center Building Room 150, and all students are welcome to attend.

Below is a list of current Student Clubs/Organizations. Contact the advisor listed for more information regarding meeting times, etc.

Non-Academic Clubs (Open to All Students)

Student Government Association (SGA)

Advisor: Erin Yokum - - 301-784-5205

Advocates 4 Christ

Advisor: Levi Feaster - - 301-784-5329

Alpha Sigma Lambda, Kappa Theta Chapter

Advisor: Melody Gaschler - - 301-784-5697


Advisor: Melody Gaschler - - 301-784-5697

Culture Club

Advisor: Mihaela Wood - - 301-784-5301

Cyber Security Club

Advisor: Jerry Hoover - - 301-784-5103
Dick Soderman - - 301-784-5330

Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)

Advisor: Justin Warnick - - 301-784-5201


Advisor: Meloday Gaschler - - 301-784-5697

Peace Club

Advisor: Diane McMahon - - 301-784-5306
Dr. Stephen Gibson - - 301-784-5208

Phi Beta Lambda (Future Business Leaders of America)

Advisor: Josh Leibfreid - - 301-784-5125

Phi Theta Kappa, Omicron Pi Chapter (Community College Honor Society)

Advisor: Melody Gaschler - - 301-784-5697
Erin Yokum - - 301-784-5205

Philosophy & Ethics Club

Advisor: Jason Brady - - 301-784-5302

P.R.I.D.E. (LGBTQ/Ally Club)

Advisor: TBD, contact the Director of Student Life for more information 

Psychology Club

Advisor: Patsy McKenzie  - - 301-784-5114

Science Club

Advisor: TBD, contact the Director of Student Life for more information

Veteran Support Club

Advisor: Erin Yokum - - 301-784-5205
Beth Nightengale - - 301-784-5209

Volunteer Club

Advisor: Diane McMahon - - 301-784-5306


Academic Clubs (Membership Based on Program of Study)

C2J (Criminal Justice & Criminology Club)

Advisor: Scott Golub - - 301-784-5172

Forestry Club

Advisor: Marie Perrin-Miller - - 301-784-5256

Human Service Club

Advisor: Annette Clark - 301-784-5558

Medical Assistant Club

Advisor: Amanda Hoover - - 301-784-5686/Lisa Humbertson - 301-784-5319

Medical Laboratory Technology/Biotechnology Club

Advisor: Stacey Rohrbaugh - - 301-784-5547
Windi Wilson - - 301-784-5548

Nurse's Christian Fellowship Club

Advisor: Karisa White - - 301-784-5568
Michelle Harvey - - 301-784-5570

Paralegal Student Association

Advisor: Brandon James Hoover - - 301-784-5300

Physical Therapy Assistant Club

Advisor: Dr. Karin Savage - - 301-784-5535

Psi Beta (Comm. College National Honor Society in Psychology)

Advisor: Patsy McKenzie  -301-784-5114

Respiratory Therapy Club

Advisor: Paula Fuller - - 301-784-5522

SAHDA (Student American Dental Hygienists' Association)

Advisor: Jennifer Thompson - - 301-784-5546

Student Nurses Association

Advisor: Karisa White - - 301-784-5089
Michelle Harvey - - 301-784-5570

Student Occupational Therapy Assistant Club 

Advisor: Laurie Deckers - - 301-784-5583

TEACh (Teacher Education Club)

Advisor: Robin Seddon - - 301-784-5362
Kate Tummino - - 301-784-5310

NOTE: If your interest(s) are not reflected here, you could start something new and exciting.  For further information on the particulars of starting a new club or about the various programs listed above,  please see Erin Yokum, Director of Student Life (College Center Room 150) or call 301-784-5205. 


 As a student of Allegany College of Maryland, your activity fee supports:

  • All campus clubs and organizations that are officially recognized by the Student Government Association (SGA)
  • Varsity sports for men and women
  • Co-Ed Intramural Program (tennis, archery, basketball, and volleyball)
  • Tutoring Program
  • All SGA sponsored activities (including picnics, performances, speakers, etc.)
  • Bloodmobile Drive (hospitality area)
  • Student Advocacy Day
  • All-College Awards Reception


For $3.00 per credit, you receive:

  • Free or reduced admission to all Student Government Association sponsored events (w/valid ACM student ID)
  • Free admission to all sporting events (w/valid ACM student ID)
  • Gymnasium privileges (gym, pool, and Wellness Center)
  • Free rental of gym clothes and equipment
  • Free tutoring in all subjects
  • Free literature and other handouts at Drug/Alcohol Awareness Programs
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