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Helping You Navigate Your Enrollment Pathway
Our friendly staff help you make sense of your course schedule and more. Primarily, we assist you with registering, dropping, or adding classes each semester. As the official record keepers of your college records, we update your address and contact information, provide copies of your college transcript and verify your enrollment at our college.
Registration Specialist
Location: COLLEGE CENTER (CC) Suite 143

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Summer and Fall '21 Registration Opens
April 12
Summer B Term Classes Begin
June 22
Summer '21 Graduation

August 6
What you need to do?
What do we do?
  • Assist you with registering, dropping, or adding classes
  • Requesting transcripts
    • Official copy
    • Unofficial copy
  • Address Change
  • Enrollment verification

Summer '21 Graduation
August 6
Fall 2021 Classes Begin
August 23

We're here to help
Frequently Asked Questions
  1. How can I obtain a copy of my transcript?
    Transcripts are requested online:
  2. How do I register for classes?
    You may visit the Advising Center and register in person with an Advising Specialist or use WebAdvisor to plan, schedule and register for classes. Click to view a short tutorial on planning and registering for courses.
  3. Where can I find course information?
    The course schedule is available online.
  4. How can I change my address?
    Address changes can be made online or in person.

    In-person: A student can change their address by completing the Demographic Information Change form at the Admissions/Registration office. Note: (a copy of photo identification is required). OR

    Online: An address change can also be completed by accessing WebAdvisor, selecting the student tab, and selecting Address Change under the User Account tab.

Meet the Staff

Our experienced, knowledgeable staff are excited to share their expertise with you.

Anne Haynal 
Academic Advisor / Registration Specialist

College Center 143

A.A., Allegany College of Maryland
B.S., Frostburg State University

Lisa Wilson 
Admissions Counselor

College Center 147

A.A., Allegany College of Maryland
B.A., West Virginia University

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