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Allegany College of Maryland has a longstanding partnership with the Washington, D.C. based Center for Mind-Body Medicine (CMBM). The Center is world renowned for their population wide trauma relief program and over the past two years ACM has and the Center have trained more than 135 local Mind-Body Skills Group facilitators. This now gives our community more trained facilitators per capita than anywhere IN THE WORLD! ACM feel blessed to have this evidence-based resource available to our community during this time of unprecedented and unrelenting stress. Mind-Body Skills are simple tools that mitigate the negative impact of stress on your physical and emotional health. The Center’s model of self-care and group support has been used successfully around the globe for more than three decades. One hundred percent of the participants in our facilitator trainings and the resulting Mind-Body Skills Groups would recommend this opportunity to others. We have various options to learn Mind-Body Skills. You can sign up for a traditional 8-week Mind-Body Skills Group (primarily over ZOOM) or request a 1-2 hour (or longer) workshop for your organization. If your organization is looking for an impactful and affordable worksite wellness option, we can arrange a facilitator for a ZOOM (or if COVID protocols allow, face-to-face) Mind-Body Skills group just for your employees.
Director, Health & Human Services, The Center for Continuing Education & Workforce Development
Stressed? Mind-Body, Medicine is the antidote to stress!
Mind-Body Skills is an effective worksite wellness opportunity
Manage Stress and Pain Class for OT & PT Professionals

What you need to do?
  • Register for an upcoming 8-week Mind-Body Skills Group.
  • Schedule an Introduction to Mind-Body Skills workshop for your organization.
  • Are you interested in hosting an 8-week Small Group training in Mind-Body Skills? Please contact Kathy Condor
What do we do?
  • Free Mind-Body Skills Introductory Workshops for your organization.
  • 8-Week Mind-Body Skills Experiential Trainings available throughout the year.
  • Provide targeted trainings for health, human service and education professionals.
Upcoming Trainings
Mindful Leadership of Self & Others
Oct 26

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Helpful Videos

Take a look at the following videos for step by step guides and helpful tips!

Person sitting in Lotus Pose

Self-Care Soft Belly Breathing

Inside Mind-Body Medicine

Inside a Mind-Body Medicine Fundamentals training

Hands holding coffee cup

Self-Care Empty Your Cup

Journey of the Breath

Journey of the Breath


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Frequently Asked Questions
  • What are Mind-Body Skills Groups?
    The Center for Mind-Body Medicine uses a proven model of Self-Care and Group Support, called Mind-Body Skills Groups.  The groups provide a safe space for individuals to tap into their own thoughts, sensations and feelings, while learning skills to mitigate the impacts of stress and trauma on their physical and emotional well-being.
  • What types of skills do you teach?
    Mind-Body skills include:  Various forms of Meditation, Guided Imagery, Biofeedback and Self-Expression in drawings, words and pictures.
  • How do I sign up for a group or workshop?
    To register for an announced training, please call 301-784-5341.  For more information on other local Mind-Body Skills initiatives, please contact Kathy Condor at or 301-784-5526.
  • Is there an age limit to use these skills?
    Mind-Body Skills can be taught to children as young as 2 – and are very helpful for everyone up to the elderly.

Meet the Staff

The Western Maryland Mind-Body Team is ready to meet with you! Please contact us to set up an information session for your organization or learn more about upcoming Mind-Body Skills training opportunities.

Kathy J. Condor 
Director, Health & Human Services, The Center for Continuing Education & Workforce Development, OOCC  Project & CRC Chair

Continuing Education 22


Cherie Snyder 
Professor, Program Director, Integrative Health, OOCC Project Director, CMBM Clinical Lead, & CMBM Senior Faculty Member

Allied Health 239


Laurie Marchini 
OOCC K-12 Education Coordinator



Jade Kenney 
Campus Compact Mid-Atlantic VISTA Member assigned to ACM Mind-Body Connection and Culture of Care projects.



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