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The ACM EC program is dedicated to providing a quality, affordable, and accessible college experience for eligible high school students. Our focus is to provide a seamless transition for our early college students while preparing them for their educational goals and lifelong learning. We value the ongoing partnerships established with each school district and are committed to serving the students with credentialed faculty and rigorous coursework in a supportive environment.
Location: Somerset Education Site

The Early College tuition waiver is valid through the Spring semester of the year of graduation.

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Frequently Asked Questions
  • What are the primary benefits of ACM’s Early College Program?
    Get a head start on their college career with courses from an accredited college.

    Complete classes that may also count toward high school graduation.

    Experience small classes where personal attention is abundant.

    Earn college credit at ½ the cost of a traditional student.

    Finish their college degree with ACM or transfer credits to other institutions

  • Who is eligible to take Early College classes?
    Students must meet eligibility standards set by their high school

    Students qualify to take Early College courses by using multiple measures. ACM uses GPA, SAT, ACT, PARCC, and other test scores to place students, as well as the ACCUPLACER placement assessment.
  • Are Early College courses really the same as those offered at the campuses?
    Early College courses offered in the high schools must use the same curriculum, assessments, and instructional materials as those offered at the campuses.

    Instructors follow college requirements regarding syllabi, textbooks, academic standards, and number of classroom hours.
  • What if my student is absent on the day of an Early College visit?
    If a student is absent for any part(s) of the admissions/registration process, it is the student’s responsibility to make contact with the College and Career Coach to complete the process. The school district accepts no responsibility in completing the enrollment process.

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Brooke Colledge

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Meet the Staff

Our experienced, knowledgeable staff are excited to share their expertise with you.

Tracy Reese
College and Career Coach, Allegany County

Humanities 53

B.A., University of Pittsburgh
M.A., Simmons College

Dr. Barbara Zuchelli
Coordinator of Early College and Articulations, Bedford County

Somerset Education Site

B.A., University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown
M.Ed., Frostburg State University
Ed.D., Indiana University of PA

Tiffany Boone
College and Career Coach, Somerset County

Somerset Education Site

A.A., Allegany College of Maryland
B.S., Geneva College

Tina Kravets
College and Career Coach, Bedford County

814-652-9528, ext. 1-6202
Bedford County Campus, 11B

B.S., Liberty University
M.Ed., University of Virginia  

Dr. Mihaela Wood
Dean of Arts and Sciences 


BA, MA, University of Bucharest;
MA, PhD, University of Illinois

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