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Leadership Development LOR

Leadership equals change--positive change!
This interdisciplinary program focuses on the development of leadership ability, as well as the application of leadership skills in a real-world environment. Using classic films, literature, contemporary essays, and experiential activities in an out of the classroom, this program provides participants with a basic understanding of leadership and group dynamics theory, assists in identifying a personal leadership philosophy and style, creates an awareness of the moral and ethical responsibilities of leadership, and provides the opportunity to practice essential leadership skills in a local and abroad environment. Readings are drawn from the works of classic writers as well as contemporary experts from the fields of business, human resources, political science, history, sociology, psychology, and the humanities.
Professor and Division Chair
Location: Humanities (H-39)

Program Currently On Hold

Unavailable during the 2024-2025 Academic Year

Returning Fall 2025

What will you learn?
  • Understanding diversity
  • Defining personality styles
  • Developing problem solving skills to manage conflict effectively
  • Embracing change and stepping out of the comfort zone
  • Formulating and sharing a vision
  • Goal setting
  • Decision making
What will you do?

In the leadership 1, you will:

  • Participate in fun and interactive activities relating to leadership topics
  • Engage in teambuilding and bonding activities
  • Study the topic of leadership in history, literature, film and other mediums
  • Participate in service learning activities to benefit the community and develop leadership methods
  • Define your personal leadership philosophy

In Leadership 2, you will:

  • Apply leadership skills learned in the course Leadership 1
  • Explore cultural diversity, experience a unique environment, and focus on leadership styles of historical figures in the realm of religion, politics, history, entertainment, sports and many other areas
  • Enjoy three exciting and educational days in New York City, the internationally recognized hub of leadership

Program Details

The Letter of Recognition in Leadership Development consists of three courses; Leadership I, Leadership II, and College Speech.

Leadership I is a three-day intensive class in which, at the end of those three days, the student will be awarded 3 transferable college credits in the humanities.  Leadership I focuses on guiding the student to discover who THEY are as a leader through defining individual personality type and learning how to lead others.

Leadership II is another three-day intensive course, but this time around, students are studying other leaders in a mobile-classroom environment that takes them to the “Big Apple,” New York City, NY. At the end of this course, students will receive 3 additional transferable humanities college credits.

These two courses, paired with a College-Level Speech course, will afford students a Letter of Recognition in Leadership Development. This LOR will open up opportunities for advancement in the workplace, provide a great resume booster, and establish academic proof that the student is able to effectively lead in a multitude of positions, locally and worldwide.

Admissions Criteria

Program Goals & Learning Outcomes
Program Goals
  • Develop Leaders for the Future
  • Guide students to define their own unique style of leadership
  • Broaden horizons and open new opportunities
  • Educate students on the importance of leadership through using the humanities-based content
  • Provide the means for graduates to obtain their LOR in Leadership Development for use in gaining employment, advancing current employment, and making a difference in their organization
Learning Outcomes
  • Complete service learning project and document impact made through volunteering
  • Complete experiential activities
  • Establish and evaluate personal philosophy of leadership
  • Explore the nature of leadership
  • Examine critical leadership skills and the central tasks of leadership
  • Apply leadership fundamentals and ethics in the context of group dynamics

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Our experienced, knowledgeable faculty are excited to share their expertise with you and prepare you to succeed in the diverse field of Leadership.

Faculty are certified by Phi Theta Kappa (ΦΘΚ), the International Honor Society of Two-Year Colleges and Academic Programs

Jenna Gallion
Associate Professor and Division Chair

Humanities 39

B.S., Frostburg State University
M.A., Oklahoma State University

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