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Human Service Associate

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Interested in helping others? Is interning in the helping field important to you? If so, ACM’S Human Service Associate program is for you! Our Program provides a hands-on holistic (mind/body/spirit) approach to the human service professions -- whether you choose to immediately enter the workforce or pursue your bachelor's degree in sociology, psychology, or social work.
Program Director
Location: ALLIED HEALTH (AH) 240

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What will you learn?
  • Counseling and interviewing
  • Crisis intervention
  • Case Management
  • Addictions delivery
  • Mind/Body skills for health and wellness
What will you do?
  • Complete three semester long internships that give you skills to work in the field
  • Identify your gifts and where you can help others the most
  • Form close relationships with other students and your instructors that will support your learning.

Why ACM?

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Program Details

The Human Service Program prepares you to work after graduation in a wide variety of positions: as addictions counselors, mental health workers, teacher’s assistants, case managers, wellness educators, activity directors with older people, community workers, etc.

In addition, our Program provides seamless transfer to Frostburg State University where you can enter Bachelor’s degree programs in social work and psychology. Other transfer options are available as well including a special 3 + 1 Bachelor’s degree program with St. Francis University.

There are two phases to our Program: General Education and Clinical. In order to enter the Clinical Phase (a four semester sequence of skills classes), you must apply to the Program and be accepted. Clinical courses are offered only at our Cumberland campus; however, general education course requirements may be taken at any of our campuses or online, as available.

One of the most valued aspects of our Program is that we offer a learning community where you are part of a four semester cohort of 13-20 students and 2 faculty who form a close, supportive learning environment. Our students feel accepted, connected, and motivated to grow personally and professionally.

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The Human Service Associate Program has been accredited every five years since 1982 by the Council for Standards in Human Service Education.

Admissions Criteria

Program Goals & Learning Outcomes
Program Goals
  • Successfully work as an entry level, associate degree professional in the helping fields

  • Be proficient in the communication, interpersonal, ethical, and technical competencies (knowledge, skills, and attitudes) needed to work (professionally as healers and agents of change within a diverse and global world.

  • Utilize self-awareness, self-care (wellness), and career decision-making skills to work effectively on the job and to participate in life-long learning activities.

  • Demonstrate leadership and active citizenship skills to advance social justice and to build healthy communities.

Learning Outcomes
  • Workforce Readiness Competencies: Successfully complete 3 field placements with over 460 hours of supervised clinical experience and meet all competencies required for graduation on the Professionalism Assessment Scale

  • Written and Oral Communication Skills: read, write, speak, and listen effectively

  • Professionalism/Work Ethic: act ethically, interpersonally, and professionally so as to reflect respect for self, clients, colleagues, the profession, the worksite, and the community.

  • Core Helping Skills: apply the core helping skills (listening, assessment, counseling and interviewing, group work, advocacy, CBT, solution focused therapy, leadership, team work, case management, and community work to client, agency, and class room projects and problems.

  • Self-Awareness: utilize behaviors and attitudes that demonstrate self-knowledge of one’s values, strengths, growing edges, and cultural biases in the professional use of self and in the development of an effective career development and lifelong learning plan.

  • Workforce Wellness: demonstrate and utilize mind/body skills for self-care and renewal and communicate healthy coping techniques for clients and co-workers.

  • Social Action & Civic Engagement: utilize leadership skills to collaboratively address and resolve political, social, and community problems and promote social justice and a sense of community across differences.

Student Achievement

Meet the Faculty

Our experienced, knowledgeable faculty are excited to share their expertise with you and prepare you to succeed in the diverse field of Human Service Associate.

Annette Clark
Program Director

Allied Health 239

A.A., Allegany College of Maryland
B.S., Frostburg State University
M.S., Capella University
Licensed Clinical Alcohol and Drug Counselor

Jason Gaither
Clinical Coordinator

Allied Health 240

A.A., Allegany College of Maryland
B.S., Frostburg State University
M.S.W., Aurora University

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