Human Service Associate Application Process

Students enter the Clinical Phase (the four semester sequence of skills courses) of the Human Service program in the Fall semester so application can be made anytime in the Spring or Summer semester preceding the Fall semester entry point. Students are accepted on a rolling basis beginning February 1 until the class is filled.


Here are the suggested steps:

  • Your first step is to complete the general admissions application.
  • Applications to the clinical phase of the Human Service Associate Program become available in the spring semester. For your packet contact Elaine Bridges at 301-784-5557 or
  • If interested in a Human Service Associate Degree, contact the program director, Annette Clark, at 301-784-5558 and she will provide an overview of the Program, share information on career opportunities, and explain the criteria for application.
  • Screening interviews are held throughout the Spring Semester and Summer Session for students who plan to enter the clinical phase of the program in the Fall.
  • Enroll in Sociology 104; a “B”or better grade is required for your application. This course is offered in the Spring and Summer semesters and may also be available at the Bedford County Campus in the Fall semester.
  • The clinical phase of the Human Service Associate Program begins in the fall semester.
  • At any time, please feel free to contact the Program Director, Annette Clark, to talk about the program, schedule an appointment, or come in to observe a class. She can be reached at 301-784-5558 or



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