Advanced Degree Transfer

The Human Service Associate Degree provides skills to work immediately upon graduation. It is also the steppingstone to the next step on the career ladder for many of our graduates:

  • Within five years, an average of 65% of graduates go on for an advanced degree.
  • A majority of students transfer to Frostburg State University with others attending such schools as St. Francis University, Geneva College, and Salisbury University.
  • The majority of students who transfer are enrolled in a Bachelors in Social Work with many continuing on to receive a Masters in Social Work.
  • Other advanced degrees include psychology, counseling, behavioral and social sciences, therapeutic activities, health and wellness, vocational rehabilitation areas of study, and human services.

Comments from graduates on a 2019 Graduate follow-up survey:

  • “I was beyond prepared entering into my Bachelor’s degree in Social Work because of this program.  It truly changed my life, my perspectives and helped me to find my passion in life.  I now have my Master’s degree in Social Work and I truly have to give the most credit to the Human Service program and its staff, truly amazing.”
  • “I was far more prepared for my bachelor’s program in social work than other peers who did not complete the program.  It also prepared me for my Master’s program; I had been taught a great deal of information in the Human Services program that was just being introduced in the Masters program.”
  • “I feel I was better prepared than the other students in my cohort who graduated from a different college."

Transfer Options: 

  • Frostburg State University, Bachelors in Social Work or Psychology
  • Geneva College, Bachelors in Human Services and Human Resources
  • Saint Francis University 3+1, Bachelors in Behavioral and Social Sciences
  • Salisbury University, Bachelors in Social Work
  • Seton Hill University 3+1, Bachelor of Arts in Behavioral Health 
  • West Virginia University, Bachelors in Vocational Rehabilitation
  • Other options depending on career interests are available


Also, many of our graduates use the Human Service degree as a foundation to go on in other careers in the health, business, and education fields. The skills you learn will help you succeed in any career, not just the helping professions.

The Human Service faculty and the College Transfer advisor provide excellent guidance with transfer and career advising. In fact, every semester in the Program there is a Career Unit to help you plan your future and map out your goals!


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