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Maryland Child Care Credentialing Program

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Recognition for Surpassing Licensing & Registration Requirements

The Maryland Child Care Credentialing Program is a voluntary program that recognizes child care providers who go beyond the requirements of State licensing and registration regulations. The Maryland Department of Human Resources Child Care Administration has established six credential levels, each one recognizing a child care provider's achievement for a specified number of clock hours, experience, and professional activities.

Benefits of participation include cash bonus awards and vouchers or reimbursement for child care training classes. ACM offers classes in the six required content areas:

  1. C-Curriculum
  2. D-Child Development
  3. H-Health, Safety, and Nutrition
  4. L-Community
  5. P-Professionalism
  6. S-Special Needs

To participate in the credentialing program, you must submit a completed application and all required documentation to Child Care Central for processing.

For all inquiries pertaining to the Maryland Child Care Credentialing program, call the toll-free number 1-877-355-1229 or email  

Applications can be faxed to 410-229-0145 or mailed to CC Central P. O. Box 598, Baltimore, MD 21203. 


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