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Medical Assistant

Engage Your Future: Be at the heart of healthcare!
Medical assistants work with health care providers and serve as communication liaisons and patient advocates on the health care team. Medical assistants keep a physician’s office or clinic running smoothly and directly influence the patient’s health and well-being. They have expansive cross-training in both clinical and administrative skills and this unique skill set sets them apart from other health professions. This requires mastery of knowledge and specialized skills requiring both formal education and practical experience that serve as standards for entry into the profession.
Program Director
Location: ALLIED HEALTH 124
What will you learn?
  •  Human anatomy, physiology, and pathophysiology
  • Medical terminology
  • Electronic health records
  • Insurance processing
  • Laboratory techniques
  • Medical coding and billing
  • Clinical and diagnostic procedures
  • Pharmacology
  • Medication administration
  • Medical law and ethics

What will you do?
  • Administrative Duties:
    • Answer telephones
    • Greet patients
    • Establish and maintain patient medical records
    • Code and fill out insurance forms 
    • Schedule appointments
    • Arrange for hospital admissions and laboratory services
  • Clinical Duties:
    • Prepare and administer medications as directed by the physician
    • Take medical histories
    • Explain treatment procedures to patients
    • Prepare patients for examination
    • Assist the physician during exams, diagnostic procedures, and treatments
    • Collect and prepare laboratory specimens and perform basic laboratory tests
    • Instruct patients about medication and special diets
    • Draw blood
    • Perform electrocardiograms
    • Remove sutures and change dressings

Why ACM?

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Program Details

The Medical Assistant program at Allegany College of Maryland will prepare you for a career as the most versatile profession in allied health.  Our program offers a comprehensive curriculum combined with hands-on training and will prepare you to become a successful certified medical assistant.  You will have the opportunity to practice clinical procedures, laboratory techniques, and administrative responsibilities in a realistic setting.  

Administrative responsibilities of the Medical Assistant include, but are not limited to, answering the telephone; creating, updating, and maintaining patients’ records; handling the insurance cycle including coding, billing, and processing of claims forms; and supervising the day-today front office activities. Clinical duties vary according to individual state laws. Clinical responsibilities include taking a medical history, vital signs, patient education, and preparing and assisting with patient examinations and minor surgeries. Medical Assistants routinely perform collecting and preparing laboratory specimens, disposing of contaminated supplies, and sterilizing medical instruments. Under the supervision of a physician, a medical assistant prepares and dispenses medications, authorizes drug refills, and submits prescriptions to pharmacies.

To enhance your career based experience, you will also complete two clinical practicum experiences for a total of 220 hours that enables you to apply your classroom learning into a real-world setting.  Medical Assisting is one of the fastest growing occupations. Due to the flexibility and multi-disciplined skills possessed by the Medical Assistant, employment opportunities will increase as the number of outpatient settings grows.

The Medical Assistant program at ACM is designated as a Health Manpower Shortage Program by the Maryland Higher Education Commission (MHEC).

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The Allegany College of Maryland’s Medical Assistant program is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs upon the recommendation of the Medical Assisting Education Review Board (MAERB). Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs, 9355 - 113th St. N, #7709. Seminole, FL 33775; 727-210-2350,

Admissions Criteria

Program Goals & Learning Outcomes
Program Goals
  • Prepare competent entry-level medical assistants in the cognitive (knowledge), psychomotor (skills), and affective (behaviors) learning domains.  Graduates will demonstrate critical thinking based on knowledge of academic subject matter required for competence in the medical assisting profession. (Third party accreditation requirement)
  • Acquire proficiency and competence in applying technology, information literacy, problem-solving, and technical skills to complete medical assistant skills.
  • Demonstrate effective professional communication skills.
  • Perform their responsibilities while practicing business, social, and medicolegal/ethical values.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the importance of positive work habits through life-long learning in the medical assisting profession.
Program Learning Outcomes (PLO'S)
  • Students will be able to competently perform clinical and administrative skills for entry-level employment as a medical assistant.
  • Students will explain and apply the role of medical law, healthcare ethics and professionalism as applied to a medical assistant.
  • Students will be able to demonstrate written, verbal, and nonverbal communication skills that are appropriate to patient education and care.
  • Students will demonstrate and apply appropriate safety and emergency practices as required of a medical assistant.
  • Students will explain and apply best practices when addressing unique healthcare issues encountered by special populations in a healthcare facility. 

Meet the Faculty

Our experienced, knowledgeable faculty are excited to share their expertise with you and prepare you to succeed in the diverse, dynamic field of Medical Assisting.

Lisa Humbertson
Program Director

Allied Health 124

A.A.S., Allegany College of Maryland
B.S., Southern New Hampshire University
M. Ed., Frostburg State University

Stephanie McCoy
Assistant Director 

Allied Health 124

A.A.S., Allegany College of Maryland

Stacy Senka
Practicum Coordinator

Allied Health 124

A.A.S., Allegany College of Maryland
B.S., Northeast Louisiana University

Amanda Hoover
Assistant Professor 

Allied Health 124

A.A.S., Allegany College of Maryland
B.S., Southern New Hampshire University 
M.Ed., Frostburg State University

Jennifer Bone
Administrative Associate 

Allied Health 124

A.S., Allegany of Maryland


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