Riley Easton

Riley Easton

At a Glance

Name: Riley Easton
Major: Teacher of Education
Class: 2022

Q & A
  • Why did you choose your major/career path?

    I chose this career path because I have always wanted to be a teacher. I was told I wouldn’t make it far with teaching, so I switched my intended major to something that made other people happy. Ultimately, knew my heart was in teaching and I feel like I have thrived in the Education program.  

  • Why did you choose to start your college degree at Allegany College of Maryland? 
    I started at ACM because it was close to home and I knew I would thrive in a close-knit environment. I love being in a place where everyone knows everyone, especially in the Education program where everyone feels like a family!
  • How was your experience as an ACM student? Tell us about our experience in the Human Service Associate program. 
    During my time at ACM, I feel that I have been able to experience who I am and who I want to be as a functioning member of society. I know it might sound a little cliché to say I found myself, but with the help of the faculty and the other students in the program, I have truly been able to figure out who I want to be. In my major, I feel as though I have created a lifelong family on who I can always depend. It has been so comforting to come to school knowing that I can be around people who support me and help me strive to be the best student and teacher I can be.  
  • Why would you recommend Allegany College of Maryland to future students?
    I would highly recommend ACM to future students because I know what it is like to feel lost and not know what to do with your future. It can be exhausting trying to find an occupation that fits the ideals of one’s life. 

    One thing about ACM is that you can change your mind and switch things around so that they work for you. I will always be thankful for the way I was able to make changes to my career path that worked for me.
  • Why would you recommend your major/career to others?
    I would recommend being an Education major to others because teaching is applicable virtually everywhere. It s not limited to an elementary or high school building but can reach as far as being an administrator, an instructional coach, or even a counselor. As long as you have a desire to help others, the major can explode with possibilities.
  • How did the staff and faculty at ACM help you on your path to reaching your dream?
    The staff and faculty made it possible for my path to be achievable regardless of economic status, race, or gender. I feel that my professors have created a safe environment for me to earn my education and form a family within my major.  
  • What was the most important thing you learned from ACM that prepared you for being a future Teacher?
    The staff and faculty made it possible for my path to be achievable regardless of economic status, race, or gender. I feel that my professors have created a safe environment for me to earn my education and form a family within my major.  
  • How did ACM prepare you to continue your education/transfer at a 4-year college/university (may not apply)?
    ACM has prepared me in many ways so that I can transfer to Frostburg State University. I am so thankful for the foundation of knowledge, including lesson plans, using inclusion in diverse settings, and applying knowledge in real-life situations to prepare students for the real world. I am also thankful for the friend group that I am transferring with because not only have we created a small family, but we have made an impact on each other’s lives that I think will carry over into our teaching careers.
  • What motivates you and why?
    My parents are a big factor in what keeps me going day-to-day; they are the hardest working people I know. I am so thankful that they taught me how to be kind, work for what I want, and be proud of my achievements. I have always strived for the best and I know that my parents are proud of me, no matter what. 
  • What are some challenges you encountered as a college student?
    I have been able to take care of my financial situation on my own, but that’s not to say it didn’t come without any challenges. I have faced a couple of months where I was without the funds to get gas to commute to campus. However, with the Covid Relief Funds that the college offered, I was able to get by until I was able to get back on my feet. It is a very real thing to struggle with money but there is no shame in asking for help.
  • What advice would you give future college students? What advice would you give to those considering the field of human services?
    I would say what I wish I could have told myself when I was fresh out of high school; take your time, not everything has to happen so fast. Make sure you listen to who you are and what you want for your future. Only you can make that decision.  

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