Mary Stickley

Mary Stickley

At a Glance

Name: Mary Stickley
Major: Criminal Justice
Class of: 2018

Q & A
  • Why did you choose your major? 

    I grew up with my father working in the criminal justice field, which he also has a degree from ACM.  He sparked my interest which led me to take law enforcement at the Center for Career and Technical Education.  After that, I knew that I wanted a career in the criminal justice field.  I eventually enrolled at ACM, where I graduated with my degree.  I now work for the same entity at which my father worked for over 26 years.

  • What advice would you give to students interested in your career path?
    Research different career aspects within the field and even current opportunities.  There were so many possibilities and specializations of which I wasn’t aware.  If you are interested in specific career paths, reach out to shadow.  From my experience, agencies and companies are usually willing to help and give further insight into what they do and their daily routines.  Ask your professors, and if they can’t provide insight, they usually know someone who can.
  • What was your overall experience at ACM?
    I had a very positive experience at ACM.  They were so eager to assist in any way possible, including one-on-one appointments to help and answer my questions.
  • Why would you recommend ACM to future students?
    It is a great learning environment and there are many great fields to choose from.
  • Who was your favorite ACM faculty/staff member?  Why?
    Professor Hoover was my favorite staff member.  As a single mom working full time, I was against the odds of graduating, but he provided all the tools and knowledge needed to succeed.
  • What is the greatest achievement of your career?
    My greatest achievement is obtaining my dream job as a Parole and Probation Officer.  I will graduate with my master’s degree on August 15th and graduate from the academy on August 19th.  While it has been extremely difficult, the struggle has all been worth it.  ACM set the foundation for me while providing me with enough information to be further successful both professionally and academically.
  • Additional comments:
    Take advantage of the career days at ACM along with the extra student centers.
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