Katie Cioni

Katie Cioni

At a Glance

Name: Katie Cioni
Major: Legal Studies
Class: 2012

Q & A
  • Why did you choose your major?  ?

    My first career was in the teaching field. I was very interested in the legal aspects of education which led me to the Legal Studies Program.

  • What made you choose Allegany College of Maryland?
    The first time I attended Allegany College was right after high school. I loved (and still love) everything about it. I perform better in a smaller setting where the instructor knows his/her students’ names. I liked that you could always reach your instructor with questions and concerns. When I wanted to make a career change, choosing ACM was an easy decision. 
  • How was your experience at ACM?
    I made friendships that have lasted beyond graduation. My instructors took an interest in my life even after I graduated from ACM. They, to this day, continue to mentor me. I have stayed in the legal profession since graduation but have switched jobs. I often consult with these instructors and seek their advice.
  • Why would you recommend ACM to future students?
    I think, since everyone has specific general requirements they must complete to earn a degree, ACM is an excellent place to start your college career. Attending a large university directly out of high school can be overwhelming. By starting at ACM, a person can complete the necessary general courses and gain the confidence they need to succeed in college whether that means earning an associate’s degree or going on to earn a bachelor’s degree. The other great thing about ACM is that it is affordable. This is awesome for several reasons. The first being, naturally, you do not go into a huge amount of debt at ACM. Another reason is, if you are like me, (the first time I started at ACM) you start college not knowing what degree you want to pursue. ACM has a ton of courses you can take to really unearth your likes and dislikes. The first time I was at ACM, I switched majors at least three times. Eventually, I settled on general studies and went onto a four-year university where I earned my degree in education and liberal studies.
  • What are some challenges you encountered as a college student?
    Initially, I thought I wanted to go into the healthcare field. I found the science courses to be extremely stressful and challenging. However, I worked through each course and earned a passing grade. Eventually, I decided I did not want to pursue a degree in the healthcare field, not just because of the issues with the science courses, but for personal reasons as well. All was not lost though. As a result, I was able to earn a degree in science and even became the chairperson (when I was a teacher) of our school’s science department.
  • What advice would you give future college students? 
    Explore! Explore! College is the time to enjoy yourself. I am not talking about parties and such as much as I am talking about taking the time to take courses you think you will like. I know several people who either throughout their high school years or even before that knew exactly what they wanted to do in their adult professional life. That is great but it can also be restrictive. How will you ever know if there is something else you might excel at and even enjoy more than what you have already chosen for yourself? ACM offers a wide variety of courses. Also, taking a course outside of your comfort zone can yield amazing results.
  • Who was your favorite ACM faculty/staff member? Why?
    Now, this is a difficult question. Every instructor/staff member I encountered was wonderful. They would go above and beyond for you. If I must narrow it down, then two instructors immediately come to mind.

    Lowell Markey was the real estate course instructor while I attended ACM. His course was very challenging for me. However, he would meet with me and any of his students as much and as often as needed. His extensive career background benefited every student. Since graduation, he has become a friend and a mentor to me. 

    Michael Llewellyn taught litigation. Mr. Llewellyn was always offering encouragement to his students. His office door was always open. He made his class enjoyable by sharing his personal experiences as an attorney. He presented me with new opportunities that led to newer opportunities.
    One important point I would like to mention (so as to not mislead anyone), I am currently working as a legal administrative assistant. I left my previous job as a paralegal for this new job.
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