James Douthwaite

James Douthwaite

At a Glance

Name: James Douthwaite
Major: Forestry Program
Campus: Cumberland Campus

Q & A
  • Why did you choose this major? 

    Enjoy working outside.

  • What made you choose Allegany College of Maryland? 
    Good reputation, good programs at a great cost.
  • How has your experience been at ACM?
    Fantastic!  I really enjoy the people in my classes and my professors are very knowledgeable.
  • Why would you recommend Allegany College of Maryland to future students?
    Great environment, very helpful staff.
  • Why would you recommend your major/career to others?
    Certified by staff, good reputation in the field, learn a lot that you would not get to learn elsewhere. 
  • When will you graduate and what are your plans after college?  
    Spring 2025, get a job in wildland firefighting.
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