Brooke Riley

Brooke Riley

At a Glance

Name: Brooke Riley
Major: Medical Administrative Assistant

Q & A
  • Why did you choose ACM and why should others consider attending?

    I chose ACM because I wanted to stay close to home. I love my community, and I love my family and friends. Going to ACM meant getting a fantastic education, making even more connections in the county that I love, and staying at home, all while saving money! This decision has saved me more money than I could ever have imagined. College is so expensive, but ACM truly stands in the gap. Scholarships and financial aid are bountiful. Not to mention, how friendly and helpful all the staff is! This was the only school for me, no doubt about it. 

  • What makes ACM special?
    ACM is special because of the atmosphere. You walk into class on your first day, scared and wondering what will happen and who you will connect with, and you walk out with at least 2 new friends. The people you are in class with are having all the same experiences that you are, and that makes a connection so easy! Another thing that makes ACM special is the faculty. I can honestly say that every faculty member here wants you to succeed. They do everything they can to give you the best experience possible! This semester especially, my professors have gone out of their way to make sure that I don't fall behind due to my new job. They have been so helpful, it's amazing!
  • What are you studying and what are your career goals?
    I am currently studying Administrative Medical Assisting! Anyone who knows me, knows that I have changed my mind on my major quite a few times...but this time I have really found my niche! I am currently working full time for a medical insurance company, so what I am learning in school is going hand in hand with my job. I am hoping that when I graduate from ACM, I will be able to confidently make a career with the company I work for now.
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