Brian Fazenbaker

Brian Fazenbaker

At a Glance

Name: Brian Fazenbaker
Major: Criminal Justice | Class of '82

Q & A
  • Why did you choose your major?

    I was interested in the field of Law Enforcement and wanted to serve my community.

  • What advice would you give to students interested in your career path?

    Plan – Develop an academic plan to reach your career goals.

    Purpose – Have an understanding of why you want to seek a particular career path.    

    Passion - Seek out knowledge and learn everything you can about your profession.

    Patience – Your time will come to do great things.

    Persistence – Be steadfast and firm in your decisions.

    Persevere – Don’t Ever Give Up on your career plans amidst all the obstacles.   

  • What was your overall experience at ACM?
    ACM provided me an outstanding foundation to further my academic career.  It provided me the most cost-effective way to achieve my academic goals.
  • Who was your favorite ACM faculty/staff member?  Why?  

    Judge Paul J. Stakem.

    Judge Stakem was demanding but presented material in a manner so students could comprehend and understand the theory of criminal law.

  • What is your greatest achievement in your career?
    Being the Case Agent on several high-profile FBI Cases involving Public Corruption within state government.
  • Additional comments:
    The faculty and staff at ACM ranked high in comparison to many of the professors I experienced in my undergraduate studies.  Western Maryland and the Tri-State area are very fortunate to have the caliber of instructors that ACM has to offer.
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