Ben Shertzer

Ben Shertzer

At a Glance

Name: Ben Shertzer
Program: Nursing
Class of: 2019
Employer: J.W. Ruby Memorial Hospital

Ben Shertzer was presented with the BRAVO award for his role in organizing an important event for a patient. Ben had a patient with COVID, the patient's spouse and child both succumbed to COVID while all three were hospitalized. Ben organized a virtual funeral so that his patient could be present for the funeral of their spouse and child! 

Ben was an outstanding student in the program and was admitted right out of high school. He graduated from the program at the age of 20 and immediately went to work at Ruby Memorial Hospital. His mother, Daniell Mickey Shertzer is also a graduate of the nursing program and works at UPMC-Western Maryland. The nursing program is extremely proud of Ben and his willingness to go above and beyond for his patients.

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