Addison & Bryson Bagley

Bryson and Addison Bagley

At a Glance

Name: Addison and Bryson Bagley
Major: General Studies

Q & A
  • Why did you choose your major?
    Neither of us is sure about what we want to go into so we’re getting started with General Studies.
  • What made you choose Allegany College of Maryland?

    It is close to home, I like the classes, there are not a lot of people, and it is affordable.

    It is inexpensive, has small classes, and the teachers will work with you.
  • Why would you recommend Allegany College of Maryland to future students? 
    The professors actually help and care for you.
  • What advice would you give future college students?

    : Don’t stress. 

    Don’t procrastinate. Take early college classes, start college earlier.
  • Additional Comments

    ACM is a caring and compassionate place.

    Do what you are comfortable doing. Do what is right for you. Do what makes you happy.
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