Nursing Admission Testing Dates

Hesi Admission Assessment (A2) Exam

All students who apply for admission to the Registered Nursing Program or the Practical Nursing Program at Allegany College of Maryland will be required to participate in the nursing entrance exam.  The exam is called the Hesi Admission Assessment (A2) Exam.  You must take the exam as part of the application process.  The score you receive on the exam will be considered as part of the selective admissions process.  If you do not take the exam, your application will NOT be evaluated and ranked for admittance to the program.



Due to social distancing requirements, no HESI A2 exams will be given on campus.  Please see the HESI A2 Nursing Admission Exam Instructions (2020-2021) to purchase the exam and schedule a date to remotely take the exam.  We are sorry for any inconvenience.  Thank you.




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