MFA Step-By-Step Setup

From any webpage, click MyACM, then choose E-mail.

MyACM menu


You will be taken to a Microsoft Office 365 Sign In page.

Sign in using your ACM student email credentials.

Click Next

365 Sign In


Type in your password

Click Sign In

Password entry


On the next screen, click Next

Next screen


You will be required to choose two authenticating methods.

Authentication methods

You can download the Microsoft Authenticator app to your smart phone, or click on the link for setting up a different method.


Method 1: Download the app on your smartphone. Go to the app store on your phone and find ‘Microsoft Authenticator’ App. Be sure the icon matches the icon on your computer screen (like the one above). Click next. Follow the prompts on your phone and on your computer screen.




Microsoft authenticator


Scan the QR Code and click Next.

You will be prompted to “try it out”. Follow the prompts and enter the number that appears on the screen, into the app on your phone.

QR Code example


Notification Approved, Click Next.

Notification approved

Create an App password



App password

Take note of the next screen.



password notes

Click Done. 




Method 2: Click the link that says, I want to set up a different method. Choose Phone.

Here you will have the space to put in your phone number. Choose a number that you will have readily available to you (like your cell phone). As this is the number that Microsoft will use to verify authenticity.

Click Next, then Choose text me a code or call me. You will need to answer the call and follow the prompts, or type in the code that was texted to you. 



phone authentication


Click Next.


authentication success


Once you have two methods of authentication completed you will be able to sign into your email!
You will need to always provide your password, and one other method of authentication to sign into your school email.


View/Print PDF version of Instructions


If you ever need to reset, edit, or change the default method, you can login to your student email, click on your initials or profile picture in the upper right corner, then choose, View Account, and Security Info (update Info). Here you have the options to Delete, Change, and select a default method for your authenticators.

If you have any questions, or can’t get logged into your student email, please contact the HelpDesk at 301-784-5444 or

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