Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Due to a marked increase in the number of cyber-attacks affecting educational institutions, Allegany College of Maryland is now required by federal mandate to implement Multi-Factor Authentication (“MFA”) for its students. This will require students who access college systems to use MFA in addition to their username and password during login.

Beginning June 1, 2023, Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) will be required for you to access your ACM portals (Office 365, Academic Works Scholarship Portal, Navigate, and Brightspace). Please monitor your student email for more information.


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Activation of MFA will begin June 1, 2023. The College will enable the protection on that day and all students will be prompted to setup their authentication methods when logging into Office 365. Once configured for Office, all other applications listed above will use those selected methods to authenticate.

Authentication can be completed via an authenticator app, text message, phone call , or security fob. Students must choose at least one method listed but are encouraged to have two registered methods in case one of their choices is temporarily unavailable.

  • SMS text sent to a smart phone will contain the authentication code
  • Call placed to a smart phone - student will answer and press the # key to authenticate
  • Authenticator app – must be installed on a smart phone and generates authentication codes
  • Security FOB - student presses a button on the FOB to generate an authentication code


Using your smart phone is the recommended authentication method.

If this is not an option for the student, a helpdesk request should be submitted with the subject of “MFA FOB”. A security fob generates a six-digit passcode at the press of a button that can be used to authenticate via MFA. The FOB will continue to provide codes for 2 to 3 years and is assigned to a specific user’s account. As such, only the account owner can use the passcodes generated by the fob to authenticate. FOB’s cannot be shared.


Only students who are currently registered for the Summer 2023 or Fall 2023 semester may request a fob at this time. To do so, please fill out the FOB Request Form. If the student meets all qualifications and it is determined that a security fob would work best as the students MFA method, one will be configured for use with their account and they will receive notification when its ready for pickup.

Students can add or change MFA settings by clicking the profile icon (initials in a circle in the right corner) in Office 365 web, then choose view account, click UPDATE INFO under Security info, then follow the steps outlined here.

Note: Students who took part in the student MFA pilot in the spring of 2022, or students who required access to Office 365 outside the U.S. already have MFA enabled. These students are all set.

Students in need of support with MFA can submit a request to or call the helpdesk at 301-784-5444 for assistance. 



If you have any questions, or can’t get logged into your student email, please contact the HelpDesk at 301-784-5444 or

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