Annual physical examinations are recommended for early detection and intervention of health risks. They are available for students, employees and the local community. Pre-participation (Sports physicals) exams are also available at the NMWC. 


Student Physicals

What is a Health & Physical exam and why do I need one? 

A health & physical exam is a routine exam by a physician, a nurse practitioner, or a physician assistant. This is a wellness check, not a sick visit.  Doing the exam, the practitioner will ask questions about your health, and discuss any problems that you may have noticed.  For the Allied Health programs, a physical exam is required to determine the general status of your health.  This also gives you the opportunity to discuss any health concerns that you may have.




Sports Physicals

Why do I need a sports physical instead of just a health and physical exam to play sports?

This physical is done specifically to make sure that you are healthy enough to play sports. You will need to have any preexisting injuries assessed, be examined for any congenital abnormalities such as a heart defect, and be examined for any inguinal or femoral hernias. Doing the exam, you will also have to demonstrate that your musculoskeletal system including your joints function properly.



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