Forestry Club & Woodsmen's Team

Forestry Club

The Forestry Club meets throughout the year, and is the main forestry student organization. The club conducts fundraisers to help offset the cost of the Woodsmen's Team attending their meet, as well as the cost of any special events the members wish to participate in. In the past, the club has planned camping trips, clay bird shoots, and other outings.



 Woodsmen's Team

The Allegany College of Maryland Woodsmen's team practices throughout the year in preparation for the Mid-Atlantic Woodsmen's Meet each spring. A total of six 2-year forestry schools from Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and North Carolina are part of the conference, and the location of the meet rotates to a different host school every year. Students compete in events including cross-cut saw, chainsaw, pole climb, axe throw, underhand chop, and log roll. This is the extracurricular highlight of the year for many students.



The forestry student organizations at Allegany College of Maryland are a great way for students to make new friends, as well as professional connections.

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