Society of American Foresters

The Society of American Foresters (SAF) is a professional organization established in 1900 by Gifford Pinchot (first Chief Forester of the U.S. Forest Service). The SAF represents forestry professionals and promotes scientific, educational, and technological advancement for managing forests in a sustainable manner.

Our forest technology curriculum is accredited by the SAF, and one of only 25 accredited programs in North America. We are the only SAF accredited Forest Technology Program in the State of Maryland. In 2018 the SAF renewed our accreditation for the next 10 years.

Students actively participate in SAF meetings where they are able to network with industry professionals across the mid-Atlantic region. After graduation the SAF is a valuable resource that students can use to acquire jobs, continuing education, industry news, and access past journal articles. Below is the SAF mission statement.


The Society of American Foresters Mission Statement

“The mission of the Society of American Foresters is to advance sustainable management of forest resources through science, education, and technology; to enhance the competency of its members; to establish professional excellence; and to use our knowledge, skills, and conservation ethic to ensure the continued health, integrity, and use of forests to benefit society in perpetuity.” -SAF

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