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STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, but for students it can mean a path to an exciting and lucrative career.

Allegany College of Maryland is on the forefront of STEM education. ACM students, supported through the first years of a STEM program, transfer and continue their studies at universities nationwide.

STEM education is more than just Science, Technology, Engineering and/or Mathematics; it is an interdisciplinary and applied approach that is coupled with real-world, problem-based learning. STEM integrates these four disciplines into one cohesive teaching and learning paradigm and removes the traditional barriers between these subjects. In this advanced technological era, more than ever before, new innovations and inventions tend to be made at the boundaries of these four disciplines, where they naturally overlap.

STEM qualified high school graduates can enroll directly in college-level courses of study in science, technology, engineering, and math. STEM students become innovators and critical thinkers and are able to make meaningful connections between school, community, work and global issues. These skills are increasingly necessary to engage in a knowledge-based economy. Solid evidence suggests that the fastest-growing and highest-wage jobs in future years will be in STEM fields and employees will need to utilize STEM skills for problem solving in a wide range of industries. STEM degrees and certificates also offer valuable, sought-after skills to those building or bolstering their credentials for the workforce.

Let Allegany College of Maryland help you begin your STEM education with our high quality courses, dedicated and quality faculty, and affordable tuition.



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