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A group of Allegany County residents got together when some began to envision possibilities for diversified adult education opportunities. Why not tap into the pool of talented local residents willing and capable of sharing their areas of expertise?

Join Allegany Center of Lifelong Learning (ALLCOLL) and enjoy access to 25 or more events held at Allegany College of Maryland, as well as weekly roundtable discussions, book discussions, and more! For an annual membership fee of $30.00, you will enjoy diverse education opportunities with other Allegany County adults. Membership covers classes and events from July 1, 2022 through June 30, 2023.

Please note: The following classes will be held on Thursdays in the Continuing Education building from 10:00AM to noon in room 8 unless otherwise indicated.


September 8 - Nature Has It

Speaker: Ganesh Ghimire
Description:  Natural/folk medicines are still widely used in many parts of the world to cure a number of ailments. Study and development of core constituents of these natural products can lead to sustainable development and help reduce medical costs. 

September 15 - Colonial Cuisine 

Speaker: Ryan Cuba
Description: Discover the various types of food for all levels of Colonial society and the costs. Some samples of the food – bread and cookies – will be provided to taste. 

September 22 - Hot Sauce: It's Not Just for Wings Anymore

Speaker: Micheal Harris
Description: Local entrepreneur discusses his journey from home business to store front. Members will enjoy product tastings.

September 29 - Wills and Asset Protection

Speaker: Chris Logsdon
Description: This talk will explore the fundamentals of estate planning. We will also discuss options for securing assets in the event one requires long term nursing home care.

October 6 - Purpose of Life Through Macro Lens

Speaker: Marta Fiscus
Description:  Photographer Marta Fiscus will present her macro images of nature and discuss her journey toward purpose and meaning through small things of everyday life. Her photographs are captured in her western Maryland yard where she created a certified wildlife sanctuary with the National Wildlife Federation. 

October 13 - The Evolution of Processing Vast Amounts of Data with Large Computers

Speaker: Ted Bauer
Description: How the world went from data on an 80-character punch card form to seemingly endless YouTube video. Where and how is all that data stored?

October 20 - Victorian Chautauqua 

Speaker: Don Sincell
Description: Mountain Lake Park, established in 1881. The town offered a Chautauqua program throughout the summer months. The current town leaders hold a three-day Victorian Chautauqua Festival in July to allow residents and guests to experience and enjoy this valuable piece of the town’s unique history.

October 27 - The Variety of Trees of Western Maryland

Speaker: Champ Zumbrun
Description: Champ will discuss the wonder and magic of trees at Green Ridge State Forest and Allegany County.

November 3 - Tea with Abigail Adams

Speaker: Ellen McDaniel-Weissler
Description: Abigail, wife of second President John Adams, speaks of her life, her travels, her true partnership with John, and the loneliness of the war years. Meet this extraordinary woman, who was a feminist before feminism existed

November 10 - Starting and Maintaining Edible Mushrooms on Your Property

Speaker: Ben Yoder
Description: Ben Yoder of Savage Mtn. Farm will review the three kinds of mushrooms grown on his farm – shiitake, oyster and nameko. Participants will learn the basic process of starting and maintaining these three kinds of mushrooms on a small commercial or hobby scale. 

November 17 - Hawaii, the Big Island

Speaker: Roy Brown
Description: We will take a look at the geology that created the Hawaiian Islands and the Polynesian people who discovered and settled them.

November 24 - Thanksgiving Break

No Class

December 1 - Historic Preservation - How it Strengthens and Saves American Communities

Speaker: Ruth Davis-Rogers
Description: Historic Preservation is not just about saving old buildings but strengthening and saving American communities. When a community incorporates Historic Preservation into its activities it is an effective tool for a wide range of public goals.



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