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A group of Allegany County residents got together when some began to envision possibilities for diversified adult education opportunities. Why not tap into the pool of talented local residents willing and capable of sharing their areas of expertise?

Join Allegany Center of Lifelong Learning (ALLCOLL) and enjoy access to 25 or more events held at Allegany College of Maryland, as well as weekly roundtable discussions, book discussions, and more! For an annual membership fee of $30.00, you will enjoy diverse education opportunities with other Allegany County adults. Membership covers classes and events from July 1, 2022 through June 30, 2023.

Please note: The following classes will be held on Thursdays in the Continuing Education building at 10:00AM in room 8 unless otherwise indicated.

Fall 2023

September 7 - Cumberland Happenings  

Speaker: Ray Morriss 
Description: Hear from the Mayor about all the good things that are happening in Cumberland.

September 14 - Irish Brigade at Antietam  

Speaker: Chuck Dicken 
Description: The battlefield experiences of one of the most famous units of the Union's Army of the Potomac during the single bloodiest day of fighting in the American Civil War. 

September 21 - The C&O Canal and Great Allegheny Passage two local assets that have become economic drivers for the Tri-state area.

Speaker: Larry Brock 
Description: Hear how the C&O Canal (C&O) and the Great Allegheny Passage (GAP) have grown from their historic past through their challenging transition to becoming a major local asset that provides economic growth, a transportation corridor and a healthier community in Allegany County.

September 28 - Search Smarter Online: Avoid Misinformation, Hoaxes and Scams

Speaker: Nick Gardner
Description: Strategies for effective online searches are outlined as well as advice for avoiding trouble.  Do you ever wish you could get exactly the results you want from Google without the sponsored or promoted content – attend this session!

October 5 - C&O Canal     

Speaker: Ian Gray 
Description:  Join Ian Gray, the relatively newly appointed C&O Canal Park Ranger as he explores the history of the C&O Canal and discusses some possible future plans.

October 12 - Herbs, Vitamins and More

Speaker: Rosie Cupler 
Description: If you are interested in herbs and complementary approaches to health and healing join Rosie Cupler as she shares her interest that lead to the opening of The Herb Barn in Grantsville in 1996.  She will also provide information about using these products wisely.

October 19 - Wine Making

Speaker: Paul McCusker 
Description: Discover how you can select and grow grapevines suited to Western Maryland and turn your crop of fruit into delicious table wine. The speaker will share insights from his 25+ years’ experience with cultivating grapes and making wine at home. 

October 26 - Paranormal Investigations in Allegany County

Speaker: Steve Hall
Description: Learn about the techniques used by local paranormal investigators during their investigation of local and historical locations in Allegany County.

November 2 - Botanical Bullies in Mountain Maryland

Speaker: Liz McDowell
Description: It was just a trickle at first, so no one noticed. Now it’s a raging torrent that seems impossible to stop. Exotic invasive plants have invaded our forests, parks, and backyards. Learn how to identify them and the latest techniques to battle them.

November 9 - Weird Western Maryland

Speaker: Andy Duncan  
Description: Ghosts and monsters, mysteries and legends, conspiracies, and UFO's -- our area has its share of all of these.  Join a World Fantasy Award-winning connoisseur of local weirdness as he shares some of the favorites from his collection.

November 16 - Local Indigenous Peoples

Speaker: Roy Brown 
Description: The First People, Paleoindians, arrived in our region approximately 12,000 years ago. This presentation addresses the cultural shifts from Paleo to Archaic to Woodland to Contact and the Historic Period as the environment gradually changed from sub-arctic to our climate of today.

November 23 – Thanksgiving, No session


November 30 - Tis the Season: Cumberland Holidays Past and Present

Speaker: Ruth Davis-Rogers and Melinda Kelleher
Description: Doors and windows were decorated along Baltimore Street in the 50s and 60s and business was booming.  Stroll, via pictures, to revisit this era and also learn how the buildings, starting with the windows, are coming to life in 2023.



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