Bedford County Campus Scholarships

A comprehensive scholarship program has been developed by the Allegany College of Maryland Foundation and the Bedford County Regional Education Foundation to assist all segments of the College's student body. Not all scholarships are academic or merit-based awards. The scholarship program includes merit-based awards, merit-based awards with financial consideration, scholarships for specific curriculum areas, and scholarships for students from specific geographical areas. Each student is eligible to receive up to three (3) ACM scholarship awards or $2,500 per academic year.

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In addition to the Bedford County Campus scholarships listed in this brochure, ACM offers numerous scholarships to students attending any ACM location. Check out our full listing of scholarships or call the Allegany College of Maryland Foundation Office at 301-784-5200 or the Bedford County Regional Education Foundation Office at 814-652-9528 dial 1 + ext. 6223.

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Leah Pepple
Director of PA Advancement and Community Relations

814-652-9528, ext 6223
Bedford County Campus, 22

B.S., Duquesne University
M.S., Geneva College 

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