Career Exploration

Individual Career Counseling

Whether you are a new or continuing student who is undecided on a major or career direction, you can help yourself by following a proven career-planning strategy as your roadmap to objective decision making.

An ACM career advisor can help lead you in the right direction through the career development process. Advisors can help you create a career planning strategy and provide you with support and advice to ensure your academic and career success.

Plan Do Act Check

Step-by-Step Career Planning
  • Engage in the process/identify the career decision to be made
  • Learn about yourself, and your options (self-assessment)
  • Identify and explore options (possible major and career pathways)
  • Evaluate your options (education, career, and training)
  • Select one of the options (college major, program of study, or career and training program)
  • Act on your choice (make a plan and implement decision)
  • Manage your career (continue to evaluate plans and goals, deal with transition, and network)
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