LPN-RN Documents

Admission Information

Admission Acceptance Checklist - print this checklist to help you track what you need to do to complete the admission acceptance process

ALL STUDENTS accepting offers of admission are REQUIRED to purchase the following items from Castlebranch at allegany.castlebranch.com 

  1.  Medical Document Manager - this is where you will submit your H&P, CPR cards, and other required items for admission to the program and throughout. (After graduation, you will retain the ability to use this site LIFELONG to track your medical documents if you prefer.)
  2. Background check for your state of residence

Instructions for Order Placement of the above items: CastleBranch Instructions

 Submit the following documents to complete your Admission Process by the due date in your Admission Letter:

For students starting in:

January - items must be completed and On File in Castlebranch by December 1.

May - items must be completed and On File in Castlebranch by April 1.

Students who do not have the required items on file by the above listed due dates will not be eligible to commence the course and will forfeit their seat in a class.

  • Student Health Form - PRINT this History and Physical form - you need to have completed and returned by the deadline date in your offer of admission letter. This form must be SUBMITTED to the Castlebranch Check site.NOTE requirements for Lab Results and Titer Levels!
  • Students are responsible to read the information pertaining to Influenza Vaccination and Professional Technical Standards.
  • 2- step PPD info you may want to print this information and give to your health care provider to ensure you have the PPD done correctly.
  • Flu vaccine - flu vaccine must be submitted yearly demonstrating vaccination for the Fall flu season of the respective year.

REQUIRED Background Checks

In order to participate in clinical experiences, ALL students must obtain a Criminal Record Background PRIOR to entrance into the Nursing Program. If your background check is not clear, you may be prohibited from attending clinical sites and may not be eligible to take the national licensure exam.

Keep in mind clearances may take 4-6 weeks to complete!

You must begin this process immediately upon receipt of your offer of conditional admission. To complete your background check for admission, you need to complete the background requirements as listed in the package you purchased from Castlebranch at allegany.castlebranch.com by the DUE DATE listed.

Urine Drug Screening will be required of students who are accepted into the CLINICAL phase of the program - dependent upon passing Transitions 296 and securing clinical sites. You will be advised when you are to complete the drug screening. Students who do not pass the background clearances or drug screening will not be admitted into the program.

Theory Course Information - Getting Started


Transition Course Syllabus -  note faculty retain the right to make edits up until the time the course commences.

Required Textbooks for the Transitions 296 course.

Textbooks may be purchased by contacting the Cumberland Bookstore at 301-784-5348 or acmbookstore@allegany.edu. Please see additional information at the end of this page and link to Clinical Nursing Course Documents, including Booklist. Then please see the offer from the Textbook Publishers: Lippincott and F.A. Davis. You should check about financial aid covering purchases from sources other than from the college bookstore.

Text Book RESOURCE Codes: Resources that accompany the textbook. In a NEW textbook the code is included in the front of the book. For a used book, you would need to contact the publisher to purchase a new access code to the resources if one is not included in the purchase.

SAVE Your Receipts for Textbook purchases.

Clinical Information


Clinical Preceptor and Clinical Contract Information- You should commence this process as soon as possible. It may take up to 10 weeks or more to secure contracts with agencies and preceptors in some instances.

* NOTE - You do NOT need a clinical site for the Transitions course.

You are required to attend one acute care facility (hospital) in which to complete the majority of clinical hours for both clinical semesters (205, 206, 215). In addition to acute care community/university hospitals, Veterans Hospitals may provide an excellent means to fulfill a significant number of clinical hours. In some instances, you may need to secure a second clinical site to complete specific clinical hours. It is suggested you obtain an RN preceptor in an Emergency Department where you may complete the majority of clinical hours for mental health, women's health, and pediatrics for the first semester clinical nursing courses (206/205). You will also need an RN preceptor on an acute care medical/surgical unit to complete clinical hours for clinical nursing course (215) in the second semester of the program. In some instances, a portion of clinical hours for mental health (206) and leadership (215) may be completed at a long term care facility. Be advised that a legal contract must be on file with each agency you wish to do clinical hours with a preceptor PRIOR to beginning the clinical component. The program coordinator must APPROVE each site, depending on the availabilty of experiences for the student in order to meet clinical objectives.

 Clinical Policy and Procedures - Documents and Forms

  • 1. Clinical Policy & Procedure Guidelines - MANDATORY READING - Information on clinical agency and clinical preceptors, along with STEPS FOR COMPLETING THE PROCESS to secure both of the aforementioned.
  • 2. Clinical Agency List - list of agencies with whom there is a current legal agreement for students to do clinical hours. If you wish to do clinical hours at an agency not listed, follow directions in the Guidelines document (#1) and submit the Clinical Agency Request form (#5 below). Be sure to Review this List as we add new clinical sites with each class!!!
  • 3. Preceptor Guidelines & Overview of Responsibilities - review the criteria for preceptors and print this document to give to your potential preceptor. It provides an overview of their responsibilities. If they are agreeable, they need to submit the appropriate forms to the Nursing Department.
  • 4. Letter to agency and/or Director of Nursing - print this letter to give to Directors or Administrators when you go to approach them about doing clinical hours and establishing contracts. It provides a brief introduction about the program and what you are seeking to accomplish.
  • 5. Clinical Agency Agreement Request - ALL STUDENTS MUST COMPLETE THIS FORM!!! - this form must be completed for ALL clinical sites where you wish to complete clinical hours, including agencies with whom there is currently a clinical contract. Remember that NEW CONTRACTS may take 3-4 months to complete. Students must have approved clinical sites and approved clinical preceptors in place 8 weeks PRIOR to the beginning of the clinical nursing courses or you will forfeit your seat in the class. Submit this form to as directed.
  • 6. Nurse Manager Form - print this form and give to the Nurse Manager of the unit where you and your potential preceptor plan to complete your clinical hours - REMEMBER - your preceptor must be a nurse on the unit where you will be doing clinical hours and must have the approval of the nurse manager. The nurse manager may be able to assist you in identifying a suitable preceptor on their unit. This form is needed to complete approval of both your site and your preceptor! !
  • i. Preceptor Assessment Form - Nurse Manager Assessment - print, complete your name and preceptor name, and give this form to the unit nurse manager - NOT the charge nurse - for completion. ** NOTE - STUDENTS ARE NOT TO REVIEW CONTENTS OF THIS FORM.
  • 7. Clinical Preceptor Forms - print and complete the following forms or provide them to your potential preceptor for completion.
  • i. Clinical Preceptor Request Form - complete this form to initiate the process for approval of your clinical preceptor. You will need to submit this form for EACH preceptor you work with during the program.
  • ii. Clinical Preceptor Letter of Agreement - print this form and give to your potential preceptor. They are to complete it and return it within 10 business days to the Nursing Department at ACM.
  • iii. Clinical Preceptor Professional Profile/CV - print this form and give to your potential preceptor to complete and return to the Nursing Department within 10 business days.
  • iv. Preceptor Guidelines and Responsibilities - this is the same form as listed above - it is advised you print a copy and give to your potential preceptor so they are aware of the expectations as a preceptor for the online program.


Additional Information

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