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Inclement Weather

Keeping You Informed and Safe
Keeping our college community safe during snow or ice storms, extreme cold, or hurricane or tornado activity is our utmost concern. When possible, a decision to delay, cancel or close ACM is made the evening before at 8:30 p.m. Announcements for daytime classes are made at 5:15 a.m. and by 2:00 p.m. for classes at or after 4:00 p.m.
PR Coordinator

We’re sensitive to the fact that many of our students commute long distances for class and clinical hours. Our entire college community is encouraged to err on the side of caution when traveling.

Students should park their vehicles in any parking lot that has been cleared of snow/ice. Precautions need to be taken on inclement weather days including wearing appropriate shoes, and walking and driving slowly around campus.

Notifications are shared through eSAFE, a banner message on our website, ACM Facebook and X (formerly Twitter) accounts, and recordings on our main phone lines at 301-784-5000 and 814-652-9528. The best and fastest way to receive inclement weather and emergency information is to sign up for eSAFE notifications.


Cumberland Campus Media Outlets
Radio / TV AM Channel FM / TV Channel Location
WTBO 1450 AM 97.9 FM Cumberland
WCBC 1270 AM 107.1 FM Cumberland
WQZK   94.1 FM Cumberland
WDYK - Magic   100.5 FM Cumberland
WDZN - ZRock   99.5 FM Cumberland
WVMD - theWOLF   100.1 FM Cumberland
WCMD - ESPN Radio 1230 AM   Cumberland
WKLP - ESPN Sports 1390 AM   Cumberland
WFRB 560 AM 105.3 FM Cumberland
WMSG-WKHJ 1050 AM 104.5 FM Oakland
WDVM   Channel 12 Hagerstown
WRQE   106.1 FM Cumberland


Bedford County Campus Media Outlets
Radio / TV AM Channel FM / TV Channel Location
WBFD - News Talk 1310 AM   Bedford
WAYC - Star   100.9 FM Bedford
WBVE - B-Rock   107.5 FM Bedford
WZSK/WSKE 1040 AM 104.3 FM Everett
WFGY/Froggy 98   98.1 FM Altoona
WRKY   104.9 FM Altoona
WWOT   100.1 FM Altoona
WFBG 1290 AM   Altoona
WALY   103.9 FM Altoona
WVAM 1430 AM   Altoona
WTAJ-TV   Channel 10 Altoona
WJAC-TV   Channel 6 Johnstown


Somerset Education Site Media Outlets
Radio / TV AM Channel FM / TV Channel Location
WFGI - Froggy   95.5 FM Johnstown
WKYE - Key   96.5 FM Johnstown
WBVE - Rocky   99.1 FM Edensburg
WJHT - Hot   92.1 FM Johnstown
WCCL - Cool   101.7 FM Central City
WLKH   97.7 FM Somerset
WNTJ 1490 AM   Johnstown
WJAC-TV   Channel 6 Johnstown


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