New Employees

Allegany College of Maryland welcomes you as a member of our team. We are an institution committed to achieving excellence. We believe strongly that the achievement of the institution's goals is dependent upon maintaining the excellence of our employees and the supportive environment that ACM provides for them.

We know that beginning a new job can be an overwhelming experience. We have the Welcome Guide available for all new employees. This guidebook is simply meant to provide a generalized overview of college procedures and services that may seem new and overwhelming at first. Some jobs may require more in-depth training or orientation in specific areas. Your individual supervisor and mentor can provide additional guidance tailored to your specific setting.


Before Your Start Date

Once Human Resources confirms your hire, you will receive an email.  In this email is a welcome message and direction for starting the onboarding process.  You will use an Onboarding website to complete your new hire paperwork.  Please try to complete and submit all your new hire paperwork before your start date.  The Human Resources office is available to help you with any of your paperwork and can answer any questions you may have. 

You will receive an employment typically within a week of your confirmed hire. 

Contact the Human Resources office with any questions by email or phone:

Emily Ayers  (301) 784-5159
Landon Defibaugh  (301) 784-5158



First Day of Employment

Arriving on Campus
Parking is available in Lot 1, in any available space not designated as "Staff Parking".  Once you receive a "Staff Parking" pass you may park in any of the spaces marked with black paint and designated "Staff Parking."  A campus map can be found here.

Work Schedule

Your supervisor will discuss your work schedule with you prior to your first day. College business hours are 8:30am - 4:30pm, Monday - Friday and 8:00am - 4:00pm, Monday through Friday in the summer.

First Day Schedule

On your first day, report to Human Resources, College Center Room 168, to discuss benefits and complete any remaining paperwork.  You may view the Benefits Guide for more information.

New Employee Mentor

You will be assigned a mentor to help you through the first six months of employment.  Your mentor will take you on a campus tour and to lunch on your first day.  The mentor will be a contact person outside of your department who will help you get acclimated to ACM.  The mentor will answer questions, and provide information regarding campus culture, departments, people, and services.



First Few Weeks

Campus Dining
Most office areas have a break room with refrigerator and microwaves for food storage and re-heating.  You may also dine at the Cafeteria located in the College Center, ran by Metz Culinary Management.  Additional information and menu can be viewed at the Metz Culinary Cafe Website.

Training and Orientation

Your supervisor is responsible for making sure you have the proper computer access, office space, equipment, etc.  Your supervisor will ensure you receive the proper training for your new position.  Your mentor will contact you to answer any questions your first few weeks of employment.  You may also contact the Human Resources office with any questions regarding pay and benefits.


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