Summer Aid

Important - Students planning to attend for Summer 2019 (June-July) should complete the upcoming academic year FAFSA (2019-20 FAFSA).

Federal Pell Grant Program

Federal Pell Grants for the summer are available for students who are eligible under a new law passed by the Department of Education. This law allows students to receive 150% of their Pell Grant. The actual award is still based on the number of credits student is enrolled for during the summer term.

In order to be awarded the Pell Grant (if eligible) for the Summer you must indicate on the Authorization to Pay Expenses form that you will be attending for Summer. This is a required form that all students must complete prior to the awarding process. If you plan to attend for Summer but did not indicate this on the form, please contact the Student Financial Aid Office.

 Federal Subsidized and/or Unsubsidized Direct Student Loans  
To apply for a Summer loan, you must indicate on the Authorization to Pay Expenses form, your loan(s) pattern will then include the summer semester. You must be enrolled in at least six credit hours to be loan eligible for any semester. After awarded, you must accept or decline your loan amounts on your WebAdvisor account.

In addition to accepting your student loan(s) on WebAdvisor, you must print, complete and return a Loan Acceptance Form to the Student Financial Aid Office. This form is found under Resources on your Financial Aid Home page. Your loan amounts will not show on your bill until this form has been received and processed.

If you did not originally select summer as a semester you would be attending, you can do so now by submitting a Loan Change Form, also found under Resources on your Financial Aid Home page. Choose to include summer semester on that form and submit. From there you will receive an email from the Student Financial Aid Office of what to do next.

Federal Work Study  
Students wishing to work over the summer must complete the Summer Work-Study Application, which can be found in Web Advisor on the Financial Aid homepage under Resources.  Students do not need to be registered for summer classes in order to take advantage of a work-study position, but must have a complete and verified financial aid file and be pre-registered for the upcoming Fall term. Once a summer work-study award is made, students must complete all required paperwork from the Human Resources Office and meet/contact their supervisor to set up a work schedule.
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