Tech Skills & Requirements

LMS Requirements
Brightspace requires the use of a current browser, JavaScript, and Cookies. You can do a System Check at the Brightspace Learning Center to determine whether your browser is configured to use Brightspace.

The following programs are sometimes needed to access online content in learning management systems:

Essential Tech Skills
The minimum tech skills expected of learners enrolled at Allegany College of Maryland include the following capabilities:

  • Use Brightspace, a web-based learning management system
  • Ability to use Microsoft 365 and its available web-based applications
  • Compose, send and manage email messages
  • Include attachments with an email message
  • Create, retrieve, save, and submit files
  • Download, install, and update software
  • Run virus scans
  • Use video teleconferencing applications
  • View recorded presentations

Necessary tech skills will vary from course to course, depending on the instructional technologies utilized in the course content.

Recommended Browsers
Brightspace supports Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Safari.  If using other browsers, there is a higher probability of experiencing errors. 

  • Chrome
  • Edge
  • Firefox
  • Safari

Netiquette Expectations
Netiquette is online etiquette. It is important that participants in eCourses are aware of the proper online behavior and are respectful of each other. Netiquette expectations include the use of appropriate language for an educational environment:

  • Use proper spelling and grammar
  • Avoid slang and uncommon abbreviations
  • Do not use obscene, disrespectful, or threatening language

Allegany College of Maryland values diversity and encourages discourse. Please be respectful of differences while engaging in online discussions.

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