Faculty Resolution

Resolution of the Allegany College of Maryland Faculty Senate
To Support "The Democracy Commitment"
October, 2011

WHEREAS, "The Democracy Commitment" is a national initiative to provide a necessary platform for the "development and expansion of programs and projects aimed at engaging community college students in civic learning and democratic practice" (The Democracy Commitment: An American Community College Initiative, p.2);

WHEREAS, "The Democratic Commitment" rightly asks of community colleges:

  • support for both curricular and extra-curricular programs that build civic skills among students, especially projects that support students in doing public work

  • faculty and staff development in civic engagement, partnerships with local civic, non-profit and governmental agencies whose primary work is the social and economic development of local communities

  • partnership in an annual meeting of faculty, staff, and administrators and partners

  • development of joint regional and national programs with partner universities and national higher education associations (p. 2-3);

WHEREAS, over 100 community college presidents and chancellors will likely sign the Commitment (p.3);

WHEREAS, "The Democracy Commitment" encourages and supports the development of the civic capacity of our students and their communities (p.3);

WHEREAS, Allegany College of Maryland is committed to fostering its mission, "Allegany College of Maryland is a lifelong learning community dedicated to excellence in education and responsive to the changing needs of the communities we serve. Our focus is the preparation of individuals in mind, body, and spirit for lives of fulfillment, leadership and service in a diverse and global society. We are committed to engaging students in rich and challenging learning opportunities within a small college atmosphere that is known for its personal touch." (Allegany College of Maryland 2011-2012 Catalog p. 9);

WHEREAS,  we believe in democracy as a way of life, and in both the freedoms and responsibilities inherent in a democracy. We believe in preparation for active participation in a democracy. (Allegany College of Maryland 2011-2012 Catalog p. 8)

RESOLVED, that the Allegany College of Maryland Faculty Association supports "The Democracy Commitment" and its advocacy by the Allegany College of Maryland Faculty Senate officers.

Signed on the 5th day of October, 2011 by:

Dr. William Rocks, Chair

Dr. Merle Helsel, Vice-Chair

Mrs. Paula Fuller, Secretary/Treasurer

Mr. Ronald Krug

Dr. James Howell

Mrs. Stacey Rohrbaugh

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