Criminal Justice Program Options

Criminal Justice Program includes a variety of options to meet your educational and career goals:

Two Year Career Track Associate’s Degree Program

Students completing our two-year career-track Associate’s Degree Program gain knowledge to be prepared for entry-level careers in policing, corrections, and a variety of other criminal justice-related professions.

Two Year Transfer Track Associate’s Degree Program

Students completing our two-year transfer track Associate’s Degree Program fulfill many of the basic requirements for entry into a four-year Criminal Justice Program. We have articulations with a variety of institutions wherein students can apply many to all of our credits toward the competition of a Bachelor’s Degree. 

One Year Certificate Program

Students completing our One Year Certificate Program gain a basic understanding of the field of Criminal Justice. Completion of this certificate provides a foundation for several entry-level criminal justice careers.

Letter of Recognition

Our Program offers a nine (9) credit Letter of Recognition in Corrections. This Letter of Recognition recognizes students who complete a few core classes relating to Criminal Justice, but focusing more on Corrections.


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