Continuing Education Course Catalog


At ACM we believe in lifelong learning.  Lifelong learning doesn't have an expiration date; it continues as your interests and professional opportunities change throughout your life. To help you succeed in both your personal and work lives, our Continuing Education Department offers a wide array of classes in business, health and human services, wellness, professional development, workforce training, and personal enrichment. 

With opportunities offered at both campus locations - Cumberland, MD, and Bedford county, PA- our Continuing Education Department gives you countless options through customized contract trainings, open enrollment courses, professional conferences, certification and licensure courses, and job entry and advancement trainings. Be sure to check out our on-line offerings, as well.  Regardless of the courses or trainings you choose, our mission is always the same - to provide you with quality, personal and professional lifelong opportunities that are affordable, accessible, and focused on customer needs.

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