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Earning a Chemistry degree from ACM is a great first step towards your future as a chemical researcher, an environmental consultant, a pharmacist, a medical doctor, or many careers in chemistry. Our program emphasizes learning by doing. Our small lab sections allow you to gain extensive hands-on experience. Our attentive faculty merge the material presented in lecture with interactive experiments in the lab.
Professor of Chemistry/Physics
Location: SCIENCE (S) 70
What will you learn?
  • An understanding of the world at the molecular level
  • Chemical systems and processes
  • Laboratory skills
    • Use of sophisticated instrumentation and equipment
    • Data Analysis
    • Ability to solve qualitative and quantitative problems
  • Application of chemistry to environmental and societal issues
What will you do?
  • Chemical Researcher
  • Industrial Chemist
  • Geologist
  • Quality Assurance Specialist
  • Medical Professional
  • Pharmacist

Why ACM?

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Program Details
Our Chemistry Degree is perfect for you if you are planning to transfer to a four year school with a major in chemistry, geology, or a pre-professional program such as pre-medicine or pre-pharmacy. Earning your Associate of Science Degree at ACM has many benefits! You can take all your basic science, mathematics, and general education courses at a greatly reduced price. You will get a high quality education taught by a caring faculty of diverse scientist with advanced degrees. You will gain knowledge through hands on learning as we provide all our students amazing access to state- of-the-art scientific laboratory equipment and interactive field experiences.

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Program Goals & Learning Outcomes
Program Goals
  • Chemistry faculty will clearly and professionally share scientific knowledge and concepts in lecture and lab.
  • Laboratory instructors will teach scientific skill sets needed for students to succeed with their continued education or when entering the workforce.
  • The Science Division will support and promote seamless 2+2 degrees with transferability to four year University partner institutions.
Learning Outcomes
  • Students effectively communicate chemistry concepts and processes using both written and verbal skills.
  • Students exhibit appropriate use of laboratory equipment and technology.
  • Students can use analytic tools to problem solve
  • Science majors are prepared to transfer to a four year institution in a scientific field.

Meet the Faculty

Our experienced, knowledgeable faculty and staff are excited to share their expertise with you and prepare you to succeed in the diverse, scientific field of Chemistry.

Cassie Foster
Chair of Science Division, Assistant Professor, Biology

Science 51

B.S., Wheeling Jesuit College
M.S., West Virginia University

Joy Freidenbloom
Science Lab Coordinator

Science 52

B.S., Pennsylvania State University

Steven Heninger
Professor, Chemistry/Physics

Science 70

B.S., University of Connecticut
M.S, Pennsylvania State University

Roberta Mills
Office Manager, Science Division and Auto Technology

Science 50

A.A.S., Allegany College of Maryland

Carolyn George
Assistant Professor, Biology/Chemistry

Science 66

B.S., Juniata College
PhD., Cornell University

James Stickler 

Professor Emeritus


B.S., West Virginia University
M.S., Ph.D. University of Kentucky
B.A., Morris Harvey College
C.A.S. West Virginia College of Graduate Studies

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