Net Price Calculator

Allegany College of Maryland provides a Net Price Calculator for current and prospective students and families to help estimate the total cost of attending our college for first-time, full-time undergraduate students. This is only an estimate of expenses and amounts a financial aid package might contain; the estimate is in no way binding on ACM.

After answering a few questions, the calculator will give a student like you an estimate of the typical expenses to attend ACM and an estimate of the financial aid that you may be eligible to receive. The difference between these two figures is your/your family's estimated "net" price (estimated out-of-pocket expenses) to attend ACM.

PLEASE BE ADVISED that some costs within the calculation are ones that MAY NOT BE APPLICABLE to your situation. For example, costs for living expenses (food and housing) for a student attending college while living at home with parents may not be applicable in this situation. However, this fee is added into the calculation, which makes the total estimated cost of college attendance appear to be significantly higher than it actually would be. Further, a student could be eligible to receive additional types of financial aid that are not included in the net price calculation. A listing of these types of aid can be found following completion of the "Calculator."

IMPORTANT:  Please note that completion of this calculator IS NOT a substitute for completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The FAFSA must be completed in order to apply for financial aid. For more information on applying for Federal Student Aid, go to


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