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We offer Business, Accounting and Economics degree programs that provide flexibility for busy students. Whether you’re full-time or part-time, in the classroom or online, a future entrepreneur or a manager, you’ll learn about business as it operates today and will in the future. You’ll also improve important skills that are essential for success in business.
Professor and Division Chair
Location: Humanities Building
What you will learn.

As you study business with us, you will:

  • Learn about business using several learning methods, including hands-on demonstrations and experiments, individual and group projects, case studies, readings, podcasts, website analysis, field trips, and more.
  • Improve your communication, teamwork, interpersonal, analytical, computer, leadership and problem-solving skills.
  • Work with award-winning faculty with extensive experience in both business and teaching.  Numerous business subjects will be covered, including marketing, management, entrepreneurship, accounting, business law, ethics, and economics.
  • Have the opportunity to work in the community through service learning projects, and, for Business Management majors, a comprehensive off-campus internship.
What you will do.
After completing your study of business with us, you will be prepared to:
  • Work in a variety of businesses, large and small, such as banks, hotels, hospitals, government agencies, retailers, manufacturers, and accounting firms.
  • Work in a variety of business fields, such as management, sales, marketing, and accounting.
  • Succeed in owning your own business (if this is your goal), and know the resources and actions required to establish a new business.
  • Succeed at a four-year transfer college (if this is your goal).

Why ACM?
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Program Details

We offer four associate programs and four certificate programs.  Associate programs require 60 credit hours of coursework and lead to an Associate of Science (A.S.) degree or an Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) degree.  They are designed to be completed in two years for full-time students.  For part-time students it will take somewhat longer.

Our Business Management degree program is designed for students who plan to enter the workforce immediately upon receiving their degree.  This program requires the completion of an off-campus internship.  Many of these internship placements have resulted in job offers after graduation.

Our Business Administration, Accounting, and Economics degree programs are designed for students who plan to transfer to a four-year college upon completing their studies at Allegany College of Maryland.  Our department has several transfer agreements with four-year colleges that provide for a seamless transfer of credits to the partnering college.

Our certificate programs require 30 credit hours of coursework. They are designed to be completed in one year for full-time students.  For part-time students it will take somewhat longer.  We offer certificates in accounting, entrepreneurship, marketing and sales, supervision, social media marketing, and data analytics.

We offer courses face-to-face and online.  One of our associate programs, Business Administration, can be completed entirely online.

Many scholarships are available for our students. Many of the College’s scholarships are available only to business students. Many more are available to students without regard to their program of study.

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Program Goals & Learning Outcomes
Program Goals
  • Graduates from ACM's business programs will be prepared for the world of business and/or transfer to four-year colleges with their acquired analytical and creative thinking skills, communications skills, problem-solving skills, applied technical skills and competencies, quantitative skills, and business knowledge commensurate with industry needs.
Learning Outcomes

Graduates from ACM’s business programs will be able to:

  • Demonstrate the interpersonal, teamwork/collaborative, and leadership skills necessary to make decisions.
  • Select and apply the tools of technology as they relate to the functional areas of business.
  • Communicate effectively in writing as professional business people.
  • Communicate effectively orally as professional business people.
  • Understand the different functional areas of business and their interrelationships.
  • Utilize analytical tools and data to think creatively and make reasoned decisions about accounting/business/economic issues.
  • Be prepared for an ethically and socially responsible role in business.

Meet the Faculty

Our experienced, knowledgeable faculty and staff are excited to share their expertise with you and prepare you to succeed in the diverse, dynamic field of Business and Economics.

Robin Imgrund
Professor and Division Chair

Humanities 17

B.S., Frostburg State University
M.A., University of Maryland

Thea Hosselrode

Humanities 14

A.A., Allegany College of Maryland
B.S., M.Ed., Frostburg State University

Joshua Leibfreid
Assistant Professor

Humanities 23

B.S., Mount Saint Mary's University
M.B.A., Saint Francis University

Marsha Clauson
Administrative Associate

Technology 111

A.S. Allegany College of Maryland

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