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Applied Technical Studies

Your Experience Working For You
Sometimes you need a degree program that’s designed around your specific career goals. The Associate of Science degree in Applied Technical Studies recognizes your specialized knowledge, offers credit for recognized apprenticeships, and builds your workplace skills.
Location: College Center (CC) 141
What will you learn?
  • Develop communication, technology, and critical thinking skills
  • Explore a variety of topics of interest
  • Build career success
What will you do?
  • Find employment in your job sector
  • Use your degree to meet immediate career goals

Why ACM?

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Program Details
In this degree program, your experience works for you.

Our Associate of Science degree in Applied Technical Studies program awards college credit for your specialized knowledge and credentials. Designed specifically for non-transfer students, the program recognizes the value of your past apprenticeship or training program.

Through agreements with multiple unions and training providers, you may receive up to 30 elective course credits for your successfully completed apprenticeship or training. The program accepts American Council for Education-approved training programs as elective course credits.

With this jump-start, you’ll work with our advisors and instructors to tailor your degree program to meet your unique career goals – entry or reentry into the workforce, career advancement, or starting your own business. The 60-credit degree program offers you the opportunity to explore other disciplines while you build skills in communication, critical thinking, and technology.

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Program Goals

Written and Oral Communication

  • Use reading, writing, speaking, and listening to communicate effectively.

Scientific and Quantitative Reasoning

  • Use fundamentals of scientific investigation and/or mathematical concepts to explain or to solve problems.

Critical Analysis and Reasoning

  • Analyze, synthesize, and evaluate data and text.

Technological Competency

  • Use discipline-specific technologies effectively.

Information Literacy

  • Locate, evaluate, and use information ethically and effectively.
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