ACCESS ACM is a biannual publication for ACC/ACM alum, supporters, and friends of the college. Our next edition will be available in April of 2023. There will be no fall 2022 edition. 

MY ACM: In the spring 2022 edition of ACCESS ACM, we consider what it means to listen and lead and also what it means to transform something as small as an action or immense as a belief. We examine the legacies of our first two college presidents, Drs. Robert Zimmer and Ardell Haines, and Professor Margaret Zembower, a quiet power broker in her own right. We highlight programs where active listening and transformations are key: occupational therapy assistant, medical laboratory technology and criminal justice. Ever proud of our alumni, we celebrate the achievements of two transfer students, Brian Fazenbaker and John Michaels, whose work in the service of others took them in very different directions.


Spring '22 ACCESS ACM
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