ACM Shares Summer Semester 2022 Honors List

The Honors List is part of Allegany College of Maryland's ​recognition of outstanding academic achievement. It celebrates those students who earn a 3.500 to 3.799 grade point average while enrolled in five or more semester hours of coursework. Instructions for sharing one's Honors List achievement are available. For more information, contact Joanna DuVall at 301-784-5288.

The following students were named to the Honors List for the summer semester 2022: 

Nathan H. Bortner, Caleb R. Boyd, Renee C. Bridges, Kelly R. Burk, Ninockha Candler, Samantha P. Clemens, Samantha Clement, Shayden R. Daugherty, Samantha M. Davis, Angel Dawson, Landon T. Defibaugh, Bailey N. Dewilde, Allison S. Dora, Lily D. Eby, Zoe M. Elliott, Desiree D. Eversole, Olivia P. Fabbri, Amy L. Fleegle, Marcus J. Folk, Robert W. Gomer, Brooke N. Hartle, Tiffany E. Hawn, Austin F. Heavner, Alexa N. Hendershot, Kathleen G. Hetrick, Lisa D. Horner, Rustilyn Howard, Briana N. Hull, Corbin M. Humbertson, Noah M. Jack, Amanda L. Johnson, Eden R. Kight, Janette M. Knieriem, Lexi M. Lloyd, Riley Martin, Lorie E. McCourt, Porter W. McMath, Jacob Minnick, Patrina V. Mosley, Grace E. Mowery, Natasha R. Myers, Paris J. Nolan, Alyssa N. Orme, Victoria Perini, Joshua M. Pfeiffer, Kelsie E. Powell, Ayshia C. Reilly, Phyllis T. Resch, Janessa Rice, Bobbie J. Roy, Afton Shields, Ciara B. Shoff, Nevaeh N. Sills, Michael P. Skelley, Delene N. Smith, Brittany N. Souders, Aralynn N. Teter, Lawrence R. Waters, Jr., Olivia M. Weimer, Colby H. Whiteside, Sydney C. Wilfong, Delaurette A. Williams, Amanda L. Wilson, Chloe M. Wright, Ariel Wright, and Craig Yoder.

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