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Interactive Video Courses


What is an interactive video course?

Interactive video makes it possible to connect students and faculty at two or more sites. You will see and be seen, hear and be heard by class members at each online site, all in real time.  Instructors may be on-site or at a remote site depending on where your class originates. You earn credits from Allegany College of Maryland.

Interactive video courses meet at scheduled times in the Interactive video labs on each of our campuses. In Pennsylvania we have an interactive video lab at the Somerset County Campus and we have another at the Bedford County Campus. These labs are connected with each other and both are connected to the Cumberland campus. Many course offerings are available to students through this interactive system as indicated in our schedule of classes. Under the “type of class” column, the designation indicates the campus of origin. These courses are listed in this booklet.  By allowing students at a remote site to participate in the interactive video course, we are able to make additional course offerings available to that site that might not otherwise be so.


Why use Interactive Video systems?

  • Increase your ability to access education programs or training that might not otherwise be available.

  • Facilitate the sharing of scarce or unique resources between campuses.  Resources such as specialized courses and teachers.