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As we are all about helping you succeed, we have developed courses that can help you build effective skills and habits associated with personal, academic, and professional success!   By registering for ACM's Student Development courses, you will learn how to assess your learning style, values, and long-range goals.  These courses are college-level electives that are geared to improving both your educational and personal growth.

Do you need a little refresher before you tackle college-level mathematics?

If it's been a few years or longer since you took a math course, or if you never seemed to grasp mathematics while in school, then our Developmental Math program is of interest to you.  The Developmental Math program is designed for those who never had algebra in high school or who need to review the foundational skills for success. The developmental math sequence will easily refresh a student's math abilities and help to conquer any fears of mathematics.

Are you among the millions of Americans who struggle with reading, good study habits, or recollection?

Let our Developmental Reading program help you take the first step to becoming a strong reader and a successful college student.  Our specially designed Reading courses help to prepare you for success in your college coursework by building your reading and comprehension skills in a supportive, caring environment.  While you're at it, check out our Reading and Writing Center (RAWC), a place where you will learn how to quickly identify the key information in a textbook that you will need to study, as well as help with your reading coursework.

How strong are your English grammar skills? Could they use a little brush-up?

In addition to our developmental math and reading programs, we also offer developmental coursework in English.  Students who enroll in our English refresher courses often go on to achieve higher grades in Freshman Composition than students who entered directly into that course.

Or are you a foreign-born student looking to improve your English language skills?

Whether you want to communicate more effectively in the workplace or earn your college degree, let Allegany College of Maryland's English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) courses help you master Academic English by improving your speaking, reading, and writing skills.  Through classmate feedback sessions on writing, class reading discussions, and one-on-one conferences with your instructor, you'll gain the confidence and skill you need to communicate effectively in English.