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Blackboard Jump Start Course

Allegany College uses an e-learning program called Blackboard.

This program is accessed using the Internet. You do not need special software to use Blackboard, but you will need a username and password.

If you are new to Blackboard, please take the course "Blackboard 9 Jump Start" as soon as have access to Blackboard. This course give you a chance to learn and practice Blackboard skills in a friendly, helpful, and non-grades environment. You can self-enroll in this course with the following steps:

  1. Log in to Blackboard
  2. Click on the courses tab
  3. Click on the ACM Training link in the Course Catalog section (upper right side of window). You will see a listing for the SVC.ITMMS.JUMPSTART course.
  4. To the right of the course ID click on the downward-pointing arrows
  5. Click on Enroll, then click on Submit in the next window

 If you are having technical problems with Blackboard, review the Tips for Using Blackboard page.